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Original Dixieland Jazz Band, London Palladium. 1919 004

Original Dixieland Jazz Band, London Palladium. 1919 004

Pages 4 and 5 of a programme for a performance by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band at the London Palladium in 1919. Both pages list the daily programme for the Palladium, with the Original Dixieland Jazz Band featuring on page 5.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/1
Date Made 1919
Item Format Programme
Title or Caption
Event Date April 1919

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2 Pure\\)Hit£DlamrmJi fr’Ridl Sapphire löct
Jt 7.7.0
Pair of Matched DùummJLa 15c. OoleL
at S. 8.0.
Xampntl Clu^trro ' fine Stones I3t GcA.
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10 Pure White Diamoiuii Slwwy Rmg. Ißc.Oold.
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5 Diamonds and 3 :arury Cut Sapphire»
jT\ 1.10.0.
I********#*#*******#***#*#*# *#*#*#*&*#*;£**
WILKIE BARD, in his latest Comedy creations.
(Musical Director, Horace Sheldon).
************** ********* * * * * *♦******** ** **|
The Management desires to draw the attention of Patrons to the fact that a special feature is being made of Afternoon Teas, at Is. per head (pastry extra).
Teas may be had of the Attendants during Matinees Wines, Spirits, etc., of the Best Quality.
> (
# 8. The Great Original American
* and J0HNN1E DALE, a Jazz Dancer,
Presented by Albert de Courville for the first time in England. The creation of Jazz. The sensation of America.
********************************* ********
music, Singing, elocution and Dancing,
30, West Kensington Gardens. W. 14. .
Telephone: Principal: MAUD Gili-'ON,
Hammersmith 535 Assisted by H. L. SPAKKSMAN, A.G.S.M.
Classical Dancing, Grace Culture, Rythmic Exercises, Ball-room Dancing, &c.,
MAUD GIBSON. Assisted by W. Valentine. Maitresse de Ballet .. .. .. .. .. .. PEGGY WIN GROVE.
Violin, Piaio, Ear Training, Accompanying, Theory, and Harmony
HILDA L. SPARKSMAN, A.G.S.M. Assisted by Grace Wood, L.R.A.M. ; Enid Hermes, L.R.A.M. ; Nelly Davey,
- and Ada Leach.
Singing and Elocution .. .. .. .. MAY VINCENT, A.R.C.M.
Dramatic Class .. .. .. .. .. .. MARION MCCARTHY.
English Governess .. .. .. .. .. .. .. F. M. JAMES.
French Class .. .. .. .. .. .. Mdlle. E. CHAPMAN.
Students taken for the Stage. Ballets arranged and taught for the Stage (amateur and professional).
. Special Course after 6 p.m. for War Workers at an inclusive fee.
For particulars apply to the Secretary,
MAUD GIBSON’S ACADEMY, 30, West Kensington Gardens, W. 14.