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Pee Wee Russell UK Tour 1964 005

Pee Wee Russell UK Tour 1964 005

Rear cover of a programme for Pee Wee Russell's tour of Great Britain, October & November 1964.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/24
Date Made 1964
Item Format Programme
Title or Caption
Event Date October - November 1964

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Our Thanks
Not being a multi-staffed commercial type organisation, a tour of this nature is only possible through the co-operation and loyalty of people who give their services to ensure its success. Let us then pay tribute to :—
Jeff Atterton of New York who did all the original negotiations for Pee Wee
Writers like Jack Hutton of the Melody Maker ; G. E. Lambert, Steve Voce, Jack McNamara, Peter Clayton who have helped with advice or written articles
Doug Dobell for the wonderful work he has done in connection with the Conway Hall Concert and for the ever ready support he gives to anything worthy of the name of Jazz
The Organisers and helpers who have played their part in arranging the various sessions of the tour, the advertisers in this Brochure to whom we hope all readers will give their support, and finally, to Jack Swinnerton and John Pye of the Guild Jazz Committee whose efforts have been considerable
Clarion Printers, Foundry Lane, Scholar Green, Stoke-on-Trent