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Pee Wee Russell UK Tour 1964 004

Pee Wee Russell UK Tour 1964 004

Page 4 and the rear inside cover of a programme for Pee Wee Russell's tour of Great Britain, October & November 1964. Page 4 explains the history of the Manchester Sports Guild, and outlines the tour programme. Adverts feature on the rear inside cover.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/24
Date Made 1964
Item Format Programme
Title or Caption
Event Date October - November 1964

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In April 1964, The Manchester Sports Guild celebrated its 10th Anniversary. How it came about that we brought over the Great New Orleans trumpeter. Henry ‘Red’ Allen, his subsequent enormous impression on musicians and fans who played with him and applauded his fine efforts, has been recorded elsewhere. That is now an important page in British Jazz History.
What has not yet been noted is the ensuing re-awakening of the British fans for quality jazz. We had thought rather vaguely that Henry Allen would put some "zing" back into the British scene. A trifle arrogantly perhaps, we hoped to undo some of the harm inflicted on our music by the then recent mauling by Tin Pan Alley and cash conscious promoters. Just how this has come true is now quite evident. The number of great jazz artists appearing in British Clubs over recent months is quite staggering and would not have been thought possible 12 months ago.
The M.S.G. proposes to keep its role in this field, subject only to the difficulties regarding exchange regulations governing overseas musicians. Tonight you are hearing the great clarinettist. Pee Wee Russell, a musician who for years has wanted to play in Britain. Others will follow and. looking ahead to the next 12 months, we hope to include tours by George Lewis, Mezz Mezzrow, Ruby Braff, Vic Dickinson etc. We plan not only to feature these stars at the M.S.G. but to have them play in clubs throughout the country whose organisers feel, like us, that there is a point and a purpose in sponsoring such tours for the sheer pleasure of hearing, in the flesh, artists whose music is normally only available to us on .record. Further, we are always eager — as has been shown in the past, to co-operate and support others whose plans include such ideas.
Pee Wee
Thursday, 15th Oct. Friday. 16th Oct. Saturday, 17th Oct.
Sunday, 18th Oct.
Tuesday, 20th Oct. Thursday, 22nd Oct. Friday, 23rd Oct. Saturday, 24th Oct. Sunday, 25th Oct. Monday, 26th Oct. Tuesday, 27th Oct. Wednesday, 28th Oct. Thursday, 29th Oct. Friday, 30th Oct. Saturday, 31st Oct. Sunday, 1st Nov.
All appearances
Russell Tour Programme
Press Reception at Manchester
Sports Guild, M'chester with Alex Welsh Band
Sports Guild, Manchester with
Johnny Armatage Jump Band
Sports Guild, Manchester with
Freddie Randall Band
George and Dragon, Bedford
Sports Guild. Manch. with Gary Cox Quartet
Palace Hotel, Southport
Dancing Slipper, Nottingham
Coatham Hotel, Redcar
Condons Club, Red Lion Hotel, Hatfield, Berks. Crown Hotel, Morden, Surrey Dolphin Hotel, Botley, Hants.
Rest Day
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London W.I. Midland Jazz Club, Digbeth Civic Hall, B’ham Sports Guild, Manchester (unless otherwise stated) to be with the Aiex Welsh Band
Mainstream at “77”
“77” Records
77LA12/8 Bernard Addison All Stars feat. Pete Brown
77LA12/10 | N.Y. Town Hall Concert Vols. 1 & 2 feat. Norvo, Byas,
77LA12/11 ) Stewart, Wilson, Stuff Smith, Krupa, etc.
77LA12/22 Jack McVea Quintet feat. Ulysses Livingston
77LA12/25 Harry Dial Blusicians feat. Hilton Jefferson and 'Mouse ' Randolph
77LEU12/2 Bruce Turner Jump Band 77LEU12/6 Archie Semple Quintet and Quartet 77EPEU/I Bruce Turner — music from film ‘‘Living Jazz' 77EPEU/3 Rosenkrantz Barons feat. Norvo, Carney, etc.
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