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Royal Festival Hall. National Jazz Federation_0008.jpg

Royal Festival Hall. National Jazz Federation_0008.jpg

Pages 14 and 15 of a programme for the National Jazz Federation's second British Festival of Jazz, held at the Royal Festival Hall, London, on 5th November 1955. Featuring profiles of Mick Mulligan and His Band and George Melly, and an advert for jazz releases on the Philips record label.

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Creator Unknown
Date Made 1955
Item Format Programme
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Event Date November 5th 1955

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Mick Mulligan and his Band
Mick Mulligan is one of the young veterans of British Jazz. Early this year he formed a new band which includes several members of the much lamented “ Christie Brothers Stompers.” Mick, himself, professes a high disregard for advance publicity, and prefers that you should assess the band’s worth on today’s performance.
George Melly
George Melly Is something of a contradiction. To his audiences he is the personification of joie-de-vivre, and his riotous performances are apt to give the impression of an untroubled extrovert. But his excellent stage style and polished performance are really the result of considerable study and forethought by the real George Melly—newly, wed. Chelsea dweller and poodle owner, who collects “ Victorlana ” and is deeply interested in the Arts. If you look beyond the antics and the slapstick which accompany George's vocals you will see the real reason for his success— sincerity.
Philips Electrical Ltd.,
Gramophone Records Division,
179-185 Great Portland Street, London, W.1
Philips are world-rtnowntd makers of radiograms, record players and record playing equipment incorporating the world-famous Philips ' Featherweight' Pick-Up.
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