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Back to Duke Ellington Orchestra ‘Sacred Concert’ – Westminster Abbey 24th October 1973

Duke Ellington Orchestra ‘Sacred Concert’ – Westminster Abbey 24th October 1973 016

Duke Ellington Orchestra ‘Sacred Concert’ – Westminster  Abbey 24th   October 1973 016

Pages 22 and 23 of a programme for a Duke Ellington concert at Westminster Abbey, in aid of the the United Nations, 1973. Both pages feature adverts.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/17
Date Made 1973
Item Format Programme
Title or Caption
Event Date 24/10/1973

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Once Bobby wouldn't look at music. Now he thinks it's terrific.
It all began when we got our Lowrey electronic organ. Bobby didn’t want to know until I started picking out Chattanooga Choo-Choo with one fiinger.
I pushed down a tab marked clarinet and the true, authentic sound of this beautiful instrument filled the room. Then I pressed a button on the Genie board and out came a fabulous drum and cymbals rhythm.
What’s more, the bass and chord notes played automatically as soon as I placed my hand on the keyboard.
In fact, the whole family’s getting fun from our Lowrey. It’s the best investment in home entertainment money can buy. But you’ve got to play it to believe it. And you can — at any dealer’s shop or by demonstration in your own home. So fill in the coupon for full details.
By this time everyone was excited. Bobby couldn’t get to |""piease send me a Lowrey folder and the name
the keyboard fast enough. He thought it was great fun. I of my local dealer.
And it is. Because everything’s so simple and fascinating J
on the Lowrey. | Name_____________
Then Bobby found a tab that shook us all rigid. There hei was playing a full chord with his right hand, using only I Add™»««
one finger! He’d found Lowrey’s exclusive A.O.C. j
(Automatic Organ Computer) tab. (
It didn’t take Bobby long to find the cassette unit, either. |
And now he’s taken up the special ‘Play-it-Easy’ Lowrey I taoe course. Plaving real music and reading it, too.
I Henri Selmer & Co Ltd, DEP/25/10/73 ’ Keyboard Division,
_ I Woolpack Lane, Braintree, ..........
/hapertodays muric I Essex. Tel: Braintree 2191._______
37 Connaught Street, London, W.2. 01-262 9618
hi ni “IS
Mata r E f ip f q|
85 Regents Park Road, London, N.W.1. 01-586 0512
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