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Back to Duke Ellington Orchestra ‘Sacred Concert’ – Westminster Abbey 24th October 1973

Duke Ellington Orchestra ‘Sacred Concert’ – Westminster Abbey 24th October 1973 007

Duke Ellington Orchestra ‘Sacred Concert’ – Westminster  Abbey 24th   October 1973 007

Pages 4 and 5 of a programme for a Duke Ellington concert at Westminster Abbey, in aid of the the United Nations, 1973. The committee for the concert is listed on page 4, featuring several famous names. Sir Colin Crowe introduces the concert on page 5.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/17
Date Made 1973
Item Format Programme
Title or Caption
Event Date 23/10/1974

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CHAIRMAN: The Hon. Gerald Lascelles
The Earl and Countess Alexander of Tunis Miss Lauren Bacall Mr Roger Baldwin Mr John Barry
Professor James Blade. O.B E., Hon. R.A.M. Miss Teresa Brewer Lord and Lady Ulick Browne Mr R. J. Carter, M.P.
Miss Judith Chalmers Mr George Chisholm Mr Peter Clayton Mr John Cohen
Mr John Dankworth, A.R.A.M.
Mr Arthur Davidson. M.P.
Mrs M. Davies
Mrs Jean Delaney
Mr Terence Delaney
Mr Leslie Diamond
Mrs Renee Diamond
Mr David Langton Dodds
Mr Michael Doulton
Mr and Mrs George Dracoulis
Mr John Elliot
Miss Ava Gardner
Mr Maurice Gibb
Mr Benny Green
The Hon. Anthony Gretton
Mr & Mrs Peter Grosvenor
Mr Kenneth Haig
Mr Rex Harrison
Miss Imogen Hassall
Marquis and Marchioness of Hertford
Miss Anne Holmes-Drewry
Mr Max Jones
Mr John Kennedy
Miss Anne Lambton
Miss Angela Lansbury
Mrs Gerald Lascelles
Miss Julia Lincoln
Lady Martin
Mr Dennis Matthews
Mr Bill McGuffie
Mr Yehudi Menuhin, K.B.E.
Mr Ivor Mills Lord Montagu of Beaulieu Mr John Morton Mr Peter Murray Mr Richard Nevil Mr Derek Nimmo Miss Anna Palk Mr J. P. F. Reeve Mr Edmundo Ros Lady Rowlandson
Sir Graham Rowlandson, M.B.E.. J.P.. F.C.A Mr Ronnie Scott Mr Harry Secombe, C.B.E.
Mrs Helen Shapiro
Mr Ed Stewart
Miss Annette Worsley Taylor
Mr Robert Thiele
Lady Carolyn Townshend
Mr Sinclair Traill
A Message from Sir Colin Crowe
Chairman of the United Nations Association
We are most grateful to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster for giving us the privilege of holding this concert in the Abbey. We are deeply gratified that Duke Ellington and his Orchestra have come all the way from America to give it and that they have been joined by Miss Alice Babs from Sweden, Toney Watkins and the John Alldis Choir. We welcome you all to the concert and thank you for the contribution you are thereby making to the United Nations Association
The Secretary-General has just asked the members of the United Nations whether they want an organisation that is something more than a conference machinery and a forum for the pursuit of national policies. Do they want an organisation that can focus international efforts on solving the most difficult and controversial problems? The answer must surely be loud and clear that we do want an effective body which really can help to solve international problems and produce a stable and just world order. The U N.A. is the voice through which this response must be made. It needs your help and support to be an effective constructive body, to continue the good work it has done in the humanitarian and educational fields and to focus public opinion on the need for international co-operation and understanding through the U.N. in the very difficult world in which we find ourselves.
1 am sure you will enjoy the concert by such a great Maestro and will join me in thanking all those who have made it possible.