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Duke Ellington Orchestra British Tour – July 1933 013

Duke Ellington Orchestra British Tour – July 1933 013

Pages 24 and the rear inside cover of a Duke Ellington concert programme, for Ellington's tour of the United Kingdom presented by Melody Maker, 1933. Page 24 features an advert for Ackroyd's music instruments, with a list of Duke Ellington compositions on the rear inside cover.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/7
Date Made 1933
Item Format Programme
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Event Date 1933

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Jr ÂJ -¿D
LEEDS Phone. 241 ¡4
Ackroyds arc known and respecred for their fair dealing.
Ackroyds firmly guarantee every instrument which they sell whether new or second-hand. •
Ackroyds are always willing to help and advise in a truthful manner. Ackroyds supply every make of Musical Instrument, and employ a fulls qualified staff of London musical instrument repairers.
Ackroyds carry one of the largest stocks of all makes and types of Musical Instruments in this country.
Ackroyds are known and respected throughout the World for rheir promptness and courtesy.
Ackroyds are noted for attention whether the order be large or small. Ackroyds Hire Purchase plan is one of the fairest available in this Country. Ackroyds approval service enables all purchasers «ogive Instruments a fair trial without obligation before making a decision.
Ackroyds are noted for their honest part exchange dealings.
Ackroyds arc always fair to Hire Purchase customers who suffer misfortune, ail transactions are financed by Ackroyds.
Ackroyds have done more than any other Musical Instrument firm in this Country to raise the standard of Dance Music and fees, by organising Contests and engaging famous Bands b Musiciansto play and give Recitals for Musicians. Ackroyds have expert technical advisers on all instruments to help beginners, Ackroyds during 5 years trading have achieved unprecedented success, the reasons being Service. Honesty, and a desire to please no matter how difficult the transaction and how small the monetary gain.
“Trusted and Trustworthy "
Chronological List of the Compositions of
1925 and earlier
Parlor Social Stomp Immigration Blues The Creeper East St. Louis Toodle O Jig Walk
Jubilee Stomp Take It Easy The Mooche
Harlem Flat Blues Doin’ the Voom Voom Rent Party Blues Misty Mornin’
Blues with a Feeling Saturday Night Function High Life Flaming Youth Cotton Club Stomp
Stevedore Stomp
Black-and-Tan Fantasy Birmingham Breakdown Song of the Cotton Field New Orleans Low Down Hop Head Sweet Mama Down Our Alley Blues Creole Love Call Hot and Bothered Washington Wobble
Black Beauty Awful Sad The Duke Steps Out Blues I Love to Sing Blue Bubbles Swampy River
The Dicty Glide Saratoga Swing Swanee Shuffle Wall Street Wail Haunted Nights Mississippi Moan Beggar’s Blues
Jolly Wog Jazz Convulsions Double Check Stomp Blues of the Vagabond Old Man Blues Ring dem Bells Rockin’ in Rhythm Syncopated Shuffle Lazy Duke Big House Blues Rocky Mountain Blues Breakfast Dance Jazz Lips Mood Indigo Sweet Dreams of Love Jungle Nights in Harlem Sweet Chariot
Creole Rhapsody (io-in. version) Creole Rhapsody (12-in. version) Echoes of the Jungle The Mystery Song It Don’t Mean a Thing Shout ’Em Aunt Tilly I’m So In Love With You It’s Glory
Lazy Rhapsody Blue Tune Blue Ramble Best Wishes Blue Harlem
Baby When You Ain’t There Swing Low Ducky Wucky Lightnin’
Jive Stomp Merry Go Round
(Cotton Club Shim Sham) Ev’ry Tub The Monkey Drop Me Off at Harlem Slippery Horn Dragon’s Blues
(Sugar Hill Blues)
Printed by ODHAMS PRESS LTD., Lone Acre, London, W C.2