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Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson, National Jazz Festival, Richmond - 1962 006

Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson, National Jazz Festival, Richmond - 1962 006

Pages 8 and 9 of a programme for the National Jazz Festival, at the Richmond Athletic Ground, 28th and 29th July 1962. Both pages list events taking place at the festival, including a New Orleans-style procession by the New Orleans Brass Band through Richmond.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/20
Date Made 1962
Item Format Programme
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Event Date 28/07/1962

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Once again, the fair borough of Richmond will be carried back fifty years, and across three thousand miles, when a New Orleans marching band plays the Pied Piper to Sundays visitors. The New Teao Brass Band,
led by trumpeter Keith Smith provides the bulk of the band: Barry
Martyn (bs dr), John Defferary (alto), Bill Cole (sousa), Ken Saunders (ten), Colin Bowden (snares). Ken Colyer, the leader without whom no festival of British Jazz would be complete, breaks into his holiday to march with the band, and Chris, Pat Halcox and Ian Wheeler from the Barber band, fresh from their march with the Eureka Brass Band in Washington, rush from a T.V. rehearsal in Wood Green to participate in this unique event.
The march commences at 1.15 p.m. from Petersham Road car park then proceeds through the town into the grounds.
British jazz, as developing in the Barber camp, and the Lyttelton camp, could, it is possible, become a unified direction in jazz. On Saturday, between the Mainstream and Traditional sets, on the Main Arena stage, Messrs. Barber and Lyttelton will be joining forces, with their bands, to provide
one of the most exciting experiments in contemporary jazz. The mutual respect which the leaders and side-men of the two bands have for each other is well known in the jazz scene. It will be interesting to see and hear how the combination of the best in British non-modern jazz talents works.
All visitors will want to call at the ‘Scene’ tent where many jazz personalities such as Dudley Moore and Steve Race will be in residence. This looks like a little festival of jazz all on its own! The ‘Giles display should interest record buyers. There are some very pleasant bargain offers being made by these people and this could be the great ‘autograph’ point.
You can buy each and every jazz publication and music paper at Pick-stock’s News Tent, while Coca Cola. Walls’ Hot Dogs, Lyon’s Ice Cream and Lovett’s Refreshment tents will be well stocked. Look out for the free cigarettes — ‘Guards’ no less. Then, lastly, there’s the ‘Jazz Club Information Tent’ run by Klooks Kleek, Richmond, Albermarle and other local jazz clubs.
During both days the Festival Jazz Club will present, for dancing and listening, many of the bands who appear in the Main Arena concerts.
In addition we have arranged special appearances by the following bands:
BOB RAY (trumpet), CYRIL PRESTON (trombone), GERRV WILLIAMS (clarinet), CHRIS MITCHELL (banjo), MAT PATON (bass) ERNIE O’MALLEY (drums).
MIKE COOK (trumpet), ALVIN ROY (clarinet), DAVE KELLARD (trombone), COLIN KELLARD
(bass), MARTIN GUY (drums). ALAN LAWRENCE (vocals).
DAVID TYRELL (trumpet),
MARTIN PARSLEY (trombone),
JOHN MILLS (clarinet), JOHN WILD (piano, guitar, banjo), DAVID RUXTON (bass), ANDREW STEELE (drums). HANNAH
CONWAY (vocals).
The startling rise of interest in R & B with a rhythmic, South-Chicago styled appeal, has been the most recent phenomenon of the British jazz scene. So, as a last minute addition we present Alexis Korner’s Rhythm and Blues Incorporated. Listen or dance to the kind of earthy, vigorous music which he has been presenting at the West End s Marquee Jazz Club and the further-west Ealing Jazz Club.