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Back to Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson, National Jazz Festival - 1962

Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson, National Jazz Festival, Richmond - 1962 005

Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson, National Jazz Festival, Richmond - 1962 005

Pages 6 and 7 of a programme for the National Jazz Festival, at the Richmond Athletic Ground, 28th and 29th July 1962. Page 6 profiles the career of Chris Barber, with the Saturday evenings programme on page 7.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/20
Date Made 1962
Item Format Programme
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Event Date 28/07/1962

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DONALD CHRISTOPHER (CHRIS) BARBER: (tbn, gtr, bs,): Born London, 17/4/1930:: Bass at Guildhall School of Music: First own band 1949: Organised band for Ken Colyer's return from U.S., 1953: Took this band over, 1954: First U.S. tour Feb. 1959, second Sep. 1959, third Oct. 1960, fourth Apr. 1961, fifth May 1962: Has toured most of Europe: Films include 'Look Back In Anger", 'Momma Don't Allow’, ‘It’s Trad Dad’: Married to Ottilie Patterson: Address— 18 Carlisle Street, London W.I.: Recording for Columbia (Landsdowne): Agency —Harold Davison:
CHRis. Barber’s fantastically huge following is due largely to the band’s having what is in effect a double audience. The instrumentation of the band gives it enough of what is usually thought of as the British trad sound to attract the vast public that exists for good trad bands in general. But Chris’ jazz policy and his willingness to make gradual experiment—both in sound and repertoire—have earned him a large slice of that jazz public which in the normal way wouldn’t look at a traditional outfit.
In the eight years of its existence, the band has graduated from gigs in obscure local clubs to an honourable appearance at the International Jazz
Festival in Washington last May. Its route during those years has taken
it to most of the major cities of Europe, and on several visits to the United States. And since the Washington trip, the band has made a short and successful sortie into Hungary for the first time.
Donald Christopher Barber, Pat Halcox, Ian Wheeler, Eddie Smith, Dick Smith and Graham Burbidge play the instruments. Ottilie Patterson, otherwise Mrs. Barber, sings the vocals. They form a tightly knit group whose changes of personnel over the years have been few and gradual. This has made them a band rather than just a bunch of musicians playing on the same stand.
Chris has never actually aimed at commercial success. He has known what he wanted, seen what was right and natural for him, and gone on in his own way to achieve it. That the paying public has gone along with him is a happy circumstance, but it has turned neither his head nor his steps. The band is fortunate in having in its ranks an outstanding erample of that rare phenomenon, the British Jazz Singer. Ottilie Patterson, once an art teacher and a shy disciple of Bessie Smith, is now, vocally if not physically, a giant on the British jazz scene.
With Chris’ intelligent programming (every set is carefully balanced in terms of tempo and mood) and almost passionate regard for clarity »f sound, it will become obvious during the group’s playing why these islands have never seen a home-grown jazz band so continuously successful, so highly regarded and so deeply involved in its chosen music.
Saturday evening
7 to 11.30 p.m.
GERRY BROWN (trumpet), COLIN BRYANT (clarinet), MIKE BLAKESLEY (trombone), BARRY FOWLEY (banjo), STUART GLEDHILL (bass), RAY
BALL (drums).
BOB WALLIS (trumpet), AL GAY (clarinet), AVO AVISON (trombone), PETE GRESHAM (piano), DRAG KIRBY (bass), HUGH RAINEY (banjo), ALAN POSTON (drums).
ALEX WELSH (trumpet), ROY CRIMMINS (trombone), ARCHIE SEMPLE (clarinet), BILL REID (bass), FRED HUNT (piano), TONY PITT (banjo/ guitar), LENNIE HASTINGS (drums).
CHRIS BARBER (trombone), PAT HALCOX (trumpet), IAN WHEELER (clarinet), EDDIE SMITH (banjo), DICK SMITH (bass), GRAHAM BURBIDGE drums), OTTILIE PATTERSON (vocals).