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Alex Welsh and his band - November 14th 1973 013

Alex Welsh and his band - November 14th 1973 013

Page 12 of a programme for a performance by Alex Welsh and his band, November 14th 1973. Local band The East Side Stompers are been profiled.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/35
Creator Unkown
Date Made 1973
Item Format Programme
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This local band which has been together a number of years now, and have developed into probably the best exponents of the original New Orleans sounds of jazz. Very devoted to the early music which was the roots of all we have now in popular music and jazz. They specialise in the original sounds which the early King Oliver,
Louis Armstrong etc., bands were playing just after the first world war.
The band consist of mainly printers and bankers. They are led on trumpet by Roy Burrow a devotee of Louis Armstrong and King Oliver, who has that rich tone needed in this type of band; came from Wanstead and is a printer.
On trombone we have a banker from Ilford - Len Hodgson an admirer of both George Chisholm and Roy Williams, and an
all time fan of Jack Teagarden. Len also does vocals with the band and does cabaret on his own both singing and dancing. During the day we works in a bank which is a good arrangement because when they are a big short at the bank they get Roy to print a few. On clarinet another printer (that Len has got it made; if Roy can't print ’em Steve can.) Steve Howlett came to the Stompers about 5 years ago from the Washboard Syncopators. A great admirer of Johnny Dodds and Jimmy Noone, he also came from Ilford. On piano another local musician, Brian Rackhsm who was with Eric Silk's jazz band for a while and left Eric to join the Stompers as did bassist Arthur Bird who comes from out in countryside of Essex. Both these fine musicians have helped to lay down the rhythm with one of the original Stompers,on Drums from Wanstead, namely Bill Finch; with these three the rhythm section is now complete with a very fine banjo player, John Barron who is also a local lad.
If you like the type of music this band plays, you can see in the advertisement in this programme where
to go to see them.