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Alex Welsh and his band - November 14th 1973 004

Alex Welsh and his band - November 14th 1973 004

Page 3 of a programme for a performance by Alex Welsh and his band, November 14th 1973. The attendee is welcomed to the events proceedings.

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Good evening ladles and gentlemen; once again we have come to another concert of top class music in the jazz
idiom. We would like to say * welcome* to all our old friends, and a special ’hello' to any new friends we may make
this evening.
This is the last show of the year and we have decided to make it an "All Star Gala." First of all we have been very lucky to have booked, on one show "the best little band in the world" namely Alex Welsh and his band, and with them, to share this fine bill we have the best New Orleans styled band in the country (and in the opinion of a number of us present tonight,) in Europe as well: The East Side Stocapers.
Looking back over the year, we can claim to have presented the best talent on the European jazz scene. If
any other Club in this country can boast a finer selection I for one would like to know, as 1 shall be first at the
door to see the show. Some of the stars who have appeared here with great success have been clarinetist Dave Shepherd, George Chisholm, Johnny Picard, Dave Howitt and Roy Williams on tombones: trumpet stars - Freddy Randall,
Alex Welsh, Kenny Baker, Alan Littlejohn, Alan Wickham: on saxes at various times we saw - Tommy Whittle, Johnny Barnes,
Kathy Stobart, Bill Suet and Jimmy Skidmore: pianists - Fred Hunt, Brian Lemon, Alan Branscomb: guitarist Jim Douglas:
Bassists - Lennie Bush, Harvey Weston and Kenny Baldock; and drummers Roger Nobes, Bobby Orr, Johnny Richardson and Spike Wells. All these plus the Ken Turner Band as well as all the Interval bands have done great things to further the popularity of the Club. To all of whom we are indeed grateful. In January Dave Shepherd - Freddy Randall and
The All Stars will be back to start another bumper year, and we hope you will continue to support us, as you have in
the past - and, who knows who will be appearing here next year?, but it will indeed be better and better, that we can guarantee. After the very successful jazz band ball, we shall have another in October (this is already booked,) and we shall be running some more concert trips throughout the year in support of Mike Webber and Arthur Thompson at
the Festival Hall. So you can see wa have some big things lined up including advanced Information about "The
Tribute To Jazz" concerts at the Hawkey Hall, Woodford starting in January and first choice of tickets will be given to regular patrons of K.H. Jazz Club. The first of these concerts features a tribute to Count Baisie and the big bands,by the Ken Turner Band in concert. If you have never seen them in concert setting, you are indeed in for a pleasant suprise. Also, Terry Porter Quintet will be on the show in a tribute to the Benny Goodman snail groups and the usual array of soloists. So "it's all happening folks" and we hope you will be joining in all these exciting things.
But to get back to this evening, as usual sit back, drink up, applaud the soloists, and most of all, enjoy yourselves and we hope you enjoy whatever you hear: whether it be the music from the stand or the scandal from the next table. Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.