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Alex Welsh and his band - November 14th 1973 006

Alex Welsh and his band - November 14th 1973 006

Page 5 of a programme for a performance by Alex Welsh an his band, November 14th 1973. Alex Welsh and Johnny Barnes are introduced, with a brief overview of their musical careers.

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Catalogue Reference Number NJA/PRO/35
Creator Unknown
Date Made 1973
Item Format Programme
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This fine little band really needs no introduction to you, aa they are regularly on the radio and make a number of sion aooearflnces. DuH no tha - .1 . _
foiauH rv . " > iun> uii me raaio ana matce a numb-
throughout I 8 ^ T"" ^ *“** * ^ succe8sful retu™ trip to East Germany and various tour
th« ha H t “ f?*, CSn thlnk ourselve8 ver> i^ky that they are free to be with us tonight. To introduce
the band to you we will do a quick run down on each member who are all good friends of mine and I hope, that after the
boys have read these notes they will still be.
Trumpet playing leader of the band. A native of Edinburgh, Alex has been a top leader for over twenty years and
are8 ^«"tons Al^ strenSth a"d eyes of most lovers of mainstream and swinging music they
:h c h s °n ‘supi ^n 'ar eP :L8 ^ V'k d aU °f hiS °Wn tingeS °f AnD8trong. Rut>y Braff. and Max Kaminsky
men is not euprising as the band has backed many American musicians over the years and whether it be a Pianist or
iisr F«LotiT°imt.?* t vie rub* °££- *u l
as I "have h A ? * a t w*th pianist Freddy Hunt. Here he touches as near to Bix Biederbecke
e ^ a e ff “ ^TtruS!peter and Wlth that beautiful tone reminiscent of the great man of the 20-a you feel
STdivi J'i: lndaed hi8 Credit that he Can 8WltCh the soft me 1 low tone, to Se rip rfarding
hard driving style of the Chicago style trumpeters on some of his other feature show cases.
fvrss “rn1* wlth
»T!y *nd the ■“ W1U ~v" b* ”rnout her" a-**£ot “»‘"s **“•h«-« L«,5\\"
Has been with Alex for a number of years. Beino featured on alto«, „i j j a,
known to play both alto and C melody saxes at the same time. A master instrumentalist d “if flute* fnd has been
A very keen cricket enthusiast, this season he became a member at Lords and can be Len therein'^are"^^ coming from Manchester, it is no wonder he follows The Red Rose County. Although John i P* " S| and
he takes his playing very seriously indeed as you will no doubt hear with a style all his o^n* ^ t0 ?aU>
OV" tte dr” Ch«lr- charming «,*. P.t thay ot’IJTiZT a