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Alex Welsh and his band - November 14th 1973 010

Alex Welsh and his band - November 14th 1973 010

Page 9 of a programme for a performance by Alex Welsh and his band, November 14th 1973. Profiles of band members Roger Nobes and George Chisholm feature.

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A native of Watford and made his name on vibes with Dave Shepherd's Quintet with whom he stayed for A years or so, only leaving to take over the drum chair with Alex when Lennie Hastings had to leave due to ill health. Flaying vibes as well as drums and on occasions piano, Roger has added a new dimension to the band and another of his contributions is his arranging ability. One of the highlights for me, at any performance of the Welsh band is when Ro er and the rhythm section come to the fore as a quartet in such things as "How High The Moon" or on the modern Jazz quartet feature "Django."
Always working that's Roger, even when he is on a day off with Alex, he can be heard on T.V. jingles, and also with Dave Shepherd, or in the recording stmdlo, where is is welcomed with open arms. After tonight you will know why.
Well, there you have it, (as I have said before, my favourite small band, who 1 never tire of listening to, and I always try to get to see them whenever I can) - the Alex Welsh band in print. Now, sit back and enjoy the band in the flesh. If you wish to hear more of the band they are featured on Black Lion records, and any information will be given on request.
It is very difficult to say anything about this great musician that has not been said before. George has promised to drop in and blow with Alex and the boys. One thing I am looking forward to is a duet with Roy Williams and a fine solo spot by George. At home in any type of jazz, equally at home in a Hew Orleans - Dixie School
time to come.