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Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0009

Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0009

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E&nce Band Diary Afey 1937 8.
of Saturday night production broadcasts called fast. Present and Future, suggested by livewire compere and producer Eddie Pola. Violinist-leader Peter Keogh, Gig King of Ireland, and a pioneer of dance music, who started playing at 16 in 1927, dies after a short illness and his band is taken over by pianist Joe Brady. Music business publicist Felix Mendelssohn makes four sweet-rnusic ncn-vocal sides with a 12-piece band for Dacca. Canadians Three, the story of Jimny Reynolds. Danny Perri and Hrrry NV-Farhpm« Louis Armstrong re-vamps his band and brings in hot tnmpet rival Red Allen. Haymarket Bra^qprie extends Tmi Prpaper's contract until the aid of 1938, enabling him to keep his shcwnan trumpet star Teddy Foster. Ambrose makes startling revelations about the band business and his personal life in a confessional series in the News of the ferld. The complete Cotton Club Show, with Teddy Hill's Band, is booked for the London Palladium, opening on July 23. British musicians join Benny Carter for his sunnier job in Scheveningen. Danny Polo tells Leonard Feather about his memorable days with the pioneer bands in America... Bix, Trumbauer. Mgzz, Tough. Den Mjrray, Buster Bailey, Goodman and Paul Mares... it all started when Danny was eight, after his mum spanked him and he crawled under the bed to escape her and bumped into two clarinets which his dad kept there... by the time he emerged he was playing scalesl Pianist-arranger Cecil Norman, who went out to Australia to coach the ABC resident radio band, directed by Howard Jacobs, is back hone and playing for Reg Leopold in a band led by violinist Len Lee at the Tria jn Restaurant, in Jermyn Street. Trcmbonist-leader Ben Cfakley returns for the sunner to his old haunt, the Eton Roadhouse, at Barnet, and will double at the San Marco, in Piccadilly, plus broadcasts. Three-hour long-awaited music battle between Chick febb and Benny Goodman attracts 9,000 ravers controlled by mounted police to the Savoy Ball roan in New York and earns a fortune for proprietor Moe Gal p. Charles (Buddy) Rogers rescues singer Connie Boswell when a sofa catches fire in her dressing roan at a theatre in Los Angeles. Ntohester Belle Vue's new Coronation Ballroan, which cost £10,000 and can dance 2,000 people, is opened by Fred Baiplli and his Band. Ml introduces a new weekly feature by Swinger, reviewing current orchestrations. Popular songs include Blue Hawaii, Coronation Waltz, Girls fere I^fede To Love And Kiss, ffoonlipht And Shadws, The Night Is Young, So Do I. Where Are You, and Will You Remember Sweetheart.
JUNE 1937
Bing Crosby turns down £4,000 (plus £500 expenses) for 14 days at the Hamper anith Palais, a great act of enterprise by livewire proprietor Claude Langdon, which regrettably failed with the receipt of a staccato cable: "View of previous conmitments, unable to accept - Crosby". Henry Hall's manager at the BBC, George Hodges, will leave with him and will handle his new theatrical agency. George Elrick plans a Milt Britton style band under the aegis of Jack Hylton. London's after-dark swing spots features Mother Hubbard's (5), The Palm Beach (12), the El Gaucho (19) and the Continental (26). The Jock Salisbury Trio plays at Mother Hubbard's, led by Jock on drums, with Jack Howard (tnr) and Frank Wyatt (pno). Jazz pianist Gerry Mxire leads a swinging quartet at the Palm Beach, completed by Dihty Lewis (tnr), Hynrie Schneider (drs) and Jim White (bass). The El Gaucho is London's latest luxury bottle-party, where music is provided by MD Jack Kerr, with Ian Beveridge (sax, clt), Eddie Lee ({no),
Mike Cassidy., (bass) Bobby Farris (tpt), Jack Wilson (drs) and Ernie Gladwin (<£tr). Singer Lai Hayes fronts a nine-piece band at the Paradise, comprising Billy Hill (pno), Jack Mjrgan (bass), Bert Ifeyes (drs), Tanny Robbins (gtr), Ben Dudley (tpt), ferry Hunter (1st alto), Bert Houston (2nd alto) and Mickey Deare (tnr). Jack Hylton releases Billy Tement to orchestrate and conduct the George Formbv sumner show for fantamme King Jack Taylor at Blackpool Opera House. Selmer open their new £14,000 HQ at 114-116 Charing Cross Road, with 12,000 square feet of showrooms and stockroans, a big achievement for ace saxophonist Ben Davis, who took over the agency in one room eight years ago. Character by Nuaerology features Lou Preager (5), Lew Stone (12), Sydney Lipton (19) and Harry Roy (26). Life Lines features Billy Munn (5), Edgar Sampson (12), Joe Sullivan (19) and Willard Robinsoi (26). Eric Maschwitz resigns as BBC Head of Variety and the Ml pays tribute to the many reforms he introduced for the benefit of dance-bands... he plans to work in America and will be succeeded by John fett. Guitarist-vocalist-compere Chappie D' Amato ( once right-hand-man to Jack Hylton} who opened his own club in Krdghtsbridge, takes a 10-piece band into the Piccadilly Hotel, replacing Bill Gerhardi. Irving Mills completes the organisation of his Master Records Inc in the States and provides a big challenge to our cwn gramophone industry by marketing his star-material lister and Variety records in britain. America's CBS network presents a mamnouth radio show, including the first live-broadcast of the (Xnntette of the Hot Club of France, to celebrate the first anniversary of its Saturday Night Swing Sessions. Prolific recording bandleader Harry Leader neves fran the El G<Mtcho to Murray's Club. American songwriters A1 Sherman and Adner Silver. whose 500 songs have included Farewell To Arms, Oh The Beach At Bali Bali and Chasing Shadows, cans over to explore Britain. Ml All Britain fance Band Championship is wen by Eddie McGarry and his Band, of Blackburn. Ray Noble is bandleading in Fbllyuood and his close friend and associate, ex-dnmner Bill Harty has opened a booking agency there, fat O'i'felley. former vocalist with Jack Hylton, is doing radio