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Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0016

Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0016

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Ebnce Band Diary/October 1937
Shirley joins violinisi~—1 eaHer Reg Pursglove at the Embassy Club. Jack Haxixs brings over famous Paul Whit-pnwn artist Rannna for cabaret at Ciro's Club Super gin-mill jam session is recorded by Danny Polo and his Swing Stars far Decca. Swing concert with six top bands may be put on at New York's 20,000 capacity sports arena, Madi.qon Square Garden. After 2j years at Romano's Restaurant bandleader Manny Raymond leaves in a cloud of mystery and the dance music there is taken over by Emilio Colombo, who has 15 (later 17) bands working far him all over the country... the new bandleader at Rcmano's is Dan Alvis, who rnrps fran the Metropole Hotel at Folkestone. Abolition of orchestral subscription clubs is considered by the newly-formed Misic Publishers Association. NCM in Hollywood picks ex Henry fell crooner Val Rosing for grooming as a future actor-singer star. Mike contends that Duke Ellington has cone to a standstill, but leonard Feather defends him and lists his recordings for 1937. Discovered by Roy Fox in Glasgow and presented in his road stow, 14r-year-old blind accordionist Joe Shuman eventually becomes top jazz pianist and trio leader Joe Saye. Nat Gonella does a Royal Comnand Performance for the King of the Belgians. Dacca issue a 14-title jazz series directed by Teddy Wilson selling at 17s 6d.
Eric Provost, bank clerk who gave up his job a year ago to manage Km (Snakehips) Johnson, becomes nenager for George Klrjck. Veteran singer EHsie Carlisle and 19-year-old newcomer Dinah Miller broadcast with Jark Harris. Trumpet player Billy Smith leaves BBC radio work to join Syd Lipton, replacing Max Goldberg, ffani sh bands lose outside broadcasts through war between state-controlled radio and hotel proprietors. Bribes to bandleaders agitate US music publishers. Singer Monte Rey is a chanpion dog breeder. Tfoiny fart-er opens at the Boenf Sur Le Toit in Paris after his long run at Holland's Srheveningen B=ilai.s. American sax star Frankie Trumbauer packs up playing at 37 to produce musical instruction books and records. A1 Bowlly's younger brother, pianist-arranger Mish returns hone to Johannesburg to accept gig offers there, ferry Fryer is appointed MD of the Chiswick Empire. Drunmer Ebve Tough may soon be leaving Tcmny Dorsey. Billy Bissett and his Band, with vocalist Alice Mann, open at Bournemouth's Royal Bath Hotel, ferry Leader signs a recording contract with Columbia, ferry Roy is
to present a juvenile band, led by young personality vocalist Johnny Green. A1 Berlin signs an extended
contract at London's Paramount Etence Salon. Anerican cabaret artist Frances fee Muddux comes over to appear at the Berkeley Hotel. Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye are to tour Scandinavia. Stanley Nelson reviews the new Buddy Rogers musical film, This fey. Please.. .and is impressed with his creditable acting and his unique musical ability... he can play piano, accordion, drums, trumpet, trombone, alto and tenor saxophones, clarinet... and, of course, he is a singing bandleader! Popular songs include Afraid To Dream, Gangway, Let's Be Sweethearts Over Again, A Little Co-operation From You, Maon Got In My Eyes,
Seventh Heaven, She's My Lovely, So Rare and Ten Pretty Girls.
Bert Firman transfers from the Cafe Anglais to the London Casino, where he takes over frcm Debroy Saner s. Publishing Esaus sell out their fess of Pottage - the surest vay to ruin the music trade, warns the FM. (This refers to a weekly magazine style song album containing six songs, selling at 4p, when current individual song copies cost 6p each). Sydney Lipton dispenses with guitar, leaving Jack LLewllyn out of a job. Dutch woman tnmpet ace Clara de Vries is due in Britain in the New Year for a stage tour.
Irving Mills makes a new agreement between fester Records Inc and the American Record Corporation whereby all recordings previously issued under the Variety banner will now come out on Vocalion and the more expensive Master records will be assigned to Brunswick. Fhil ferris can take all the ribbing he gets, says Andy Gray, who expresses his admiration for the chunky joker with the raspy half-talking high-speed vocals. Character by Numbers features Paul Wiitanan (6), George Elrick (13), Oscar Rabin (20) and fentovani (27). Stanley Nelson tells what we ove to American folk songs, including the irresistible melodies of the country's greatest composer in the era preceeding the Civil War, Stephen Fos^pr. Close-up on Adrian Rollini. master of the bass saxophone and brother of tenor-saxist Arthur, by Harold Taylor. Life Lines features Wingy fennone (6), Bob feggart (13), IMdie Carroll (20) and Debroy Sorer (27).
"Rumba King" Jose Norman is to host a new radio series on colourful and exotic lines to feature Latin American music, called Havana Nights At Cuban Pete's. Benny Goodman makes his peace with the song pluggers after giving them a hard time in the past. Tonmy Dorsey gets $6,000 a week for his band at New York's Paramount Theatre. Singer Ronnie Genarder teams up with a band formed and led by dancer Jack Bigrald in a new stage show. Birmingham's Grand Theatre is to become a ballroom called the Grand Casino. campaign for broadcasts from London's Astoria BaHmon pays off with first airing, featuring Joe Loss and his Band. Civic reception is held for Jack Hylton in his hone town of Stalybridge, Cheshire, where 20 odd years ago, he started playing ragtime on the piano in the bar parlour of the Commercial Inn, where his father was licencee. Infantile paralysis epidemic affects dance band attendances in Australia. Jack Hylton provides an 8-piece band for the cruise liner AtlanHg. American vaudeville star Vivian Duncan puts a resident band called the 12 Million Airs into the Cafe Anplai^. led by Stanley Barnett. Theatrical magnate Firth Shepherd acquires the Piccadilly Theatre for a new kind of