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Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0014

Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0014

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Efance Banrl Diarv/Septanber 1937
Jack Harris. Roy Fox and his Band resume touring after a lay-off of several weeks, with Harry Gold (tnr), Rex Owen (bari) and Ivor Mairants (gtr), replaced by Danny NfcConnack, (tnr) and Harry Thorne,
(gtr), but no baritone replacement yet. Life Lines features Joe Venuti (4), Ben Pollock (11), Jinny Dorsey (18) and FITa Lagan (25). HMV sign singer Monte Rey for solo recordings. Efence Band Leaders AssoHation (EBDA) appoints Mr. C. A. Nkckay as full-tims secretary. Violinist-leader Joe Hams starts his fifth successive season at Kensington's Empress Rooms. Louis Simnonds gets extension of his contract from six-months to one year at Harrogate's Majestic Hotel. Joe Loss and his Band top the first bill as — Wxad Green Fmpire revives variety policy. Voices In The Air features Betty Drew (4), Pat Hyde (18) and Ronnie Genarder (25). Character by Numbers features Chappie D'Amato (4), A1 Berlin (11), Geraldo (18) and Bill Gerhardi (25). Ambrose sounds a warning note about bookings in France after his own bitter experiences there... he signs a fantastic £10,000 contract to make a film titled Kicking The Nbon Around, at Pinewood Studios...his dazzling blonde vocalist-actress Evelyn Efall will get £2,000 for sharing the feminine lead with Florence Desrtond. PRS provokes a challenge over whether programae returns are faked.
Jark Harris picks an all-star band for his opening at Giro's Club. Incensate fascist paper attack on "gentleman" bandleader Sydney Lipton. BBC is to introduce four broadcasts called This Swing business, featuring talks, debates and records presented by their own swing music expert, Leslie Perowne, with Spike Hughes and Edgar Jackson. Violinist-leader Reg Pursglove opens at the Embassy Club.
James P. Holloway tells the story of Bill Coleman, The Mite Marvel, who is little more than just a name to all but the more discerning swing followers, after several years in the jazz business... his innate modesty has kept him from the recognition and fan worship accorded to his more-noted contemporary and section-mate in many famous bands, Henry Allen Jnr. frM Mystery, by Jack (Xiinel, who was staggered to cane across Volume 1, No. 3 (>krch 1926) ,of tie with its gay orange and black cover, bearing a crossed saxophone and banjo, and an oval photo of top arranger Arthur Lange, in the strangest possible place... Reykjavik. Iceland, where he found it nestling among a pile of assorted books in a second-hand shop opposite the university... which could perhaps mean that saneone was reading the !"M in Iceland before they ever had a dance-bandl USA goes crazy over a new dance called The Big Apple. Joe Havmes may visit England. Teddy Joyce goes back to leading a male band on tour after a spell with fanale musicians. Hanmeranith Palais has been wired for broadcasting and the first band to air fran there is the resident outfit led by Oscar Rabin. Singer George Barclay leaves Nkntovani to join Bert Firman and is replaced by Ken Crossley. discovery of Midlands leader Billy Mgrrin. Bob Easson and his Band dispensed with by Ryde's Connpdore Theatre neve to Liverpool's Rialto Ballroom. Australia launches its first swing club.
Woody Herman, the hoofer who danced his way to the top, by Leonard Feather... now aged 24, bom and bred in show business, Woody was playing the saxophone and dancing with his parents on the stage when only eight years of age! KMV appoint Ronnie Munroe as dance taisic chief. Snilio Colombo puts a 9-piece dance-band and a six-piece Tzigane band .Vi the Nkyfair Hotel. Trumpet star Nkx Goldberg leaves Syd Lipton to rejoin Ambrose. Jack Hylton defends French bookers in reply to an attack by Ambrose. MCA takes over dance misic direction at the Trianon Restaurant and ends the run of violinist leader Reg Leopold. Hal Kemp, the idol of American college jazz, famous for playing his clarinet into a megaphone, is appraised by Andy Gray, who provides his current personnel: Saxie Djwell. Ben Williams,
Porky Efankers. Bruce Milligan (reeds), Ralph Hollenbeck, Mickey Bloom, Russ Cash (tpts), Carl Loeffler.
Eddie Kusborsky (tmbs), Van Mjrdstrant (pno), Jack Ehirra (bass), Rril Fent (gtr) and Skinny Ennis (drs, vcl)... three of them have been with Hal since 1925 - Dowell, Williams and Ennis. Dan Ingman reviews Huqnes Panassie's eagerly-awaited book, Hot Jazz and finds it is not so hot, declaring: "He plunges further into the mire with every step he takes...with ill-judged criticisms which make jazz a laughing stock among straight nusicians and make the intelligent fan blush with shams." Ray Ventura, busiest bandleader in France, by felter Euchler. Billy Reid is touring the halls with an accordion band.
Bing Crosbv scores as an actor in his new film, Double Or Nothing, which is reviewed by Stanley Nelson. who says: "His obvious talents as a light comedian have not gone un-noticed... his old ccmrade in the Rhythm Bovs. Harry Barris. conducts a 'sing' band for one sequence (and has a few lines to say) providing the chief novelty of the film". Harold Taylor defends "the mschanical band", the Casa Laia Orchestra, which has been led since January by Glen Gray, whose family nams is Glen Gray "Spik^'Knoblaugh!
Benny Goodman signs 19-year-old vocalist Fkrtha Tilton, who did her first job in her native Los Angeles in 1935 and has since sung for Sid lippnan (Cocoanut Grove), Hal Grayson (on tour), Tamiy Dorsey (a short spell) and the vocal group Three Hits And A Miss. Rhythm bands compete to secure clarinet ace Irving Prestopnick. who decides to join Glam Miller. Unable to get Mugsy Spanier for his band,
Bob Crosby opts for a young trunpet player from Boston, Billy Butterfield, who is destined to beams a great jazzman. Trade Tattoo claimed to be the first ever swing film, a mixture of hand-painted colour designs and music by Len Lye, is given a private showing for the M4. Globe-trotting pianist-leader Les Hilsden deps at Barnet's Bam Roadhouse while Ben Cfakley simmers at the Savoy Hotel. Leeds mucHr-ai instrument dealer Bob Kitchen retires after 38 years. Henry Hall does his first week in variety since leaving the BBC, at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Pianist-leader Freddy Bretherton takes a 7-piece band to