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Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0013

Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0013

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Thnrp Band Diary/August 1937
tte tribes of Central Europe, arrives in ftitain to appear in London Rhapsody opening at the Lcndcri on Septaiter 1. Singers Les Allen and Kitty festers, »to fanned a dcuble act
aLaist a year agd, have separated axi will carry an touring as solo attractions. Jules Ruben who does two-pia» records fcr IWra with Jak fey. and has led his own trio at the Eden Club, is chosen as accompanist by international cabaret artist Bildegarde. Bran fertm's singer, Gene Crowley, is doing see qnln broadcasts as vocalist and inpressimist, and in due course becomes a prolific script-writs-ard xtac for popular radio shew, ferry Leader leaves ferray's Qub and is a greeted by six-foc* 21-year-old mflti-instraiBitallst and vocalist "dark hcrse" Norman Stanley, Wto askes his benrfi ending debut airLtiously billed as Tte EkitiA Rudy Vallee. Tenor star Chu Berrr leaves Fletcher Henderson and joins Pah rvnr«Ty- Anerican AF of M seeks to ton the broadcasting of granophcne records in order to protect tte livelihxri of misiciaos. felly and ferie, two-thirds of the Three Sisters vocal trio featured with ifenry Ml. heve launcted Hiplr own douhle act... the third partner, fery Asfocrth, has fanned another trio, retaining the title Three Sisters, with Kay Mtnro Smith and Mavis Edwards, two of the ftiythm SitfPP!, vto toured with San Browne and broadcast with Anbrose. EEC radio series titled America fences features a brilliant by Tomny Ctraey and his Band from New York's fennsylvarQa Hotel. Eddie
Oliver, pianist-arranger for five years with Ben Bernie, passes throug+i London an his way to a resident job at AmsterrUn's Carlton Hotel, taking with him a nine-piece British band fanned by 1*CA. Jack feyne presents vocalist Billy ^ott-Cocmber. pianist Vera Qrilaroff and Teddy Foster and his Kings of Swing in a new roai show rallpd Say It With felody. Sexist Regc Owen, leaves Roy Fax to join Rptt Firman at the Pafp Anolaiq. Ambrose disappoints Ditch fans by cancelling his short tour of Holland due to take plarp after his present season in Cannes. Andy Gray referees a verbal battle between Victor (Strict Tempo) .Si 1 vestw and Gerry (Swing) feore, »¿rich concludes with mutual agreement on two factors
(1) what is wrong with ballroom music today is not the ting, but the lack of inflexion, the lack of natural inspiration, the fault of'not playing »hat is not there‘*(2) with closer co-operation betr^en rhythn aai melody, and with a steady rhythn, both of than would be satisfied. Stanley Nelson revie«s Swing. Hitton, Swing, a film starring " the best bunch of girl ausicians in the world", led by Ina Ray liitton. Hairy Hall does his first broadcast (August 11) since leaving the BBC, tendering bandleader Dick Denny, who returned home a few tenths ago, after 10 years in India, takes a 12-piece show bend into ferehills Palais, Leeds, in September. Billy Cotton wins a 100-arile race on waterlogged Southport Smds driving his fC at an average speed of 60.3 tnph. Gershwin Manorial Progrcirne. sponsored by the New York Philharmonic Society, is attended by 20,000 admirers at New York's inmaise Lewisohn Stadium. Voices In The Air features Alan feeze (21). M warns against Continental iobs not covered by contracts, quoting as an example a British band which went over to Brussels for a supposed resident job and was out of work and pemiless in a week. Mimical instmaent trade show in London features exhibits by SpI^pt, Dallas, Boosey and fewkes and Pmrriar. Andy Gray enthuses over Guy (Great Guy) Trmhardo describing him as the most sensational maestro in the vast and mighty music business, his ever-present sentiment (as he adnits himself) heing the secret of his success, to the extent that if urged to do so, he would probably play free of charge! Arthur (Vyi.gby, manager of Billy Cotton, cans frcm dance hall dBnageiEnt, starting at ^Terry's. Etighton, in 1930. Saxist-leader Bob Easscn is axed by Ryde's Camodore Theatre to reduce expenses. Tony Jongenelen, popular vocalist with fens fessel's AVRO dance-band, has left to freelance. Pi Scheffer, schoolmaster seni-pro trombonist with Benny Carter's band at Rotterdam's fechisto f^lare, is regarded as the Dutch Tqnny Dorsey. No in variety ^iows at Radiolynpia, but cheaper TV sets, starting at 45gns. Bobby Howse. saxist and manager with Sonny Farrar, leaves to lead his own bnnd at Tony's RnHroap. Birmingham. After a run of 18 amths, bandleftier Tanny Kinsmen leaves Fischer's Restaurant and will now concentrate on his big gig conrection and cmmprcial broadcasts. Leaving her native Swansea to gatecrash Lcndcn six-months ago, 17-year-old Sylvia Stuart get a job with A1 Tabor and now gets a six-month contract at the fan' =ri an Gri 11. in Bytapest. ColaiHn fetkins and Benny Carta- confaLpe far recordings in Holland to be i<gaipH on t±e Vocalim S^ing Label. Billy Logan, brother of rhythn singer Ella Logan. \to has besi stage manager for Teddy Joyce, Geraldo and Teddy Foster, will new act in this capacity for Henry Hall. Wood Green Ft^n'ra virLch discarded mtsir hall for films, celebrates its silvier jubilee by going back to variety with a pdt-band led by CVen Vblters and top-line dance-band attractions, ftjpular songs include far^lgcwl y,
Climbing up. It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane. TVilight in T\irkey. Vieni-Vii^rri and Vfalter '‘falter - Lead Me To The Alter
SEFTEhfiER 1937
Irving Mills and Alex Kcrda disrnss full-length nnsiral film featuring Dukp FHUnprnn, Cab r^n^r ^ Bill Rotanaan to be shot in Efcitain. Lew Stone will conduct a 24-piece pit orchestra fcr Take It jsy at the Londcn_Hippatrone. Radio Toulqjse opais in France and will provide plenty of rmmwrial broaac jstirai opportunities for ttusicians. Trombone star Lew fevis leaves -Ambrose far the secorel Hm» art! will _;oia