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Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0010

Dance Band Diaries Volume 8 1937 0010

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Dance Band Diary/June 1937
work in the States, chiefly monologues and due course he becanes a notable character a:tor in films, sometimes providing t±e voice for animals depicted in cartoons made by felt Disney. Mills Brothers are due in England on July 5 for a three-month music-hall and concert tour arranged by MFM's Leslie f-facdonnell, who is also negotiating for the Hot Club of France Quintette, with Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelly. Misir publishers and BBC are at war over restriction of vocal choruses to one in three on broadcasts. Bandleader Jan Ralfini celebrates his silver jubilee... during his 25 years in the music business he has discovered many stars, including present bandleaders Jack Jackson, Maurice Winnick and Sonny Farrar. George Booth. 18-year-old dye-worker busking on accordion outside the Nottingham Empire, is heard and signed by bandleader Billy Merrin. Young organist Robin Richmond pioneers the stage presentation of the all-electric Hamnond and becomes a great favourite on radio, stage, records and IV. Star guitarist Eddie Condon suffers a nervous breakdown and resigns from Joe Marsala's Chicagoans at the Hickory House. Leonard Feather reviews the television exhibition at South Kensington's Science Museum, which covers 1817 to 1937. DrunnEr-leader Neville Bishop takes an 8-piece band into a luxury hotel at Nkrienbad, Bohemian watering place in the Czech mountains. Jack Hart and his Band return to the feymarket Brasserie after a short absence on tour. Dick C. Lander recalls the romance of Mary Lou Williams, bom 8 Nfey 1910, who was an infant prodigy pianist in 1915, left High School to tour for two years with a vaudeville act called Seymour and Jeanette... fell in love with one of the accompanying musicians, saxist Johnny Williams, married him in 1926, and after 11 years they are still together, now playing in Andy Kirk's Orchestra... she has always used her married name for professional purposes.
Cotton Club Show, with Teddy Hill's Band, opens at the Ambassador's Theatre, in Paris, and is subjected to attempted radio-piracy with secret mikes and transmitter concealed backstage. Duncan Brodie and his Band leave Edinburgh's Portobello Marine Garden's Ballroom after five years and are replaced by Tcmny-Finnigan and his Band. Britain's Cmechonic Music assign their entire output to Jack Mi 11 s Music Corporation in America. Mouth-organ wizard Larry Adler moves frcm Rex to Columbia. Jack Hylton takes six wickets for one run and scores 16, but his band's cricket team is beaten by the jW by almost 100 runs! Big success in Holland by Theo Uden-i'fesian and the Ramblers, who are recording now on Decca.
Dallas take a double-page advertisement in the PM to announce the new Buescher True-tone band instruments. Portable gramophone is used in Clerkenwell Police Court to repeatedly play the first few bars of Bugle Call Rag when MU sues EMI in a dispute over a recording of Harry Roy and his Band made without the consent of the performer at Leeds Empire. Tuned percussion veteran Rudy Starita opens a photographic shop in Soho. Gordon Reed, centre forward with Gateshead F.C., in the Third Division, joins Alan Green's Band as guitarist-^vocalist. Bandleader Roy Fox scours the country for a glamour girl vocalist and auditions 7,000 applicants. Popular songs include Broken Hearted Clown, Goodnight My Love, Let's Call The Whole Thing Off, Stars In My Eyes, Sweet Heartache, This Year's Kisses, Wbs It Rain and When My Dreamboat Ccroes Heme.
JULY 1937
For a world tour after he leaves the BBC in September, Henry Hall selects a 20-piece band, which includes his violinist younger brother Wblly in the string section, and new Scottish swing singer Anita Ridden , discovered in an M*1 dance-band contest, singing with Claude Bampton's Blue Ramblers... the entire personnel will be: Burton Gills, Eiddie Crcmer, Jack Halsall. Leslie Ormondrovd (reeds), Charlie Price. Freddy Efenn. Roy Copestake (tpts), Tony Thorpe, Arthur t-fanaan (tmbs), Joseph Hitchtnor. Wally Hall (vlns), Hubert Powell (via), Bert Marland (pno), Charlie Botterill (drs), Albert Stanley (gtr),
Theo Farrar (bass), Anita Riddell, leslie Douglas, Bernard Hunter and Bob M=>11in (vcls). Ambrose and his Orchestra, booked to play in the Monte Carlo Restaurant at the Paris Exhibition, arrive to find it not completed and return hcras after 11 wasted days to re-open at Giro's Club...American bandleader Leo Reisman. who was to have played opposite Ambrose, filled in for a week at the Amha.ssaHprs Club and v»ent on to a prior booking in Monte Carlo. Bill Gerhardi leaves the Piccadilly Hotel after a year to go on the stage. Andy Gray visits the Paradise Club (3), where guest stars jam until dawn... the Cabaret Club (10), where the 8-piece band comprises Len Newbury, Archie Lewis. Jim Caldwell (saxes, cits), Pat Mirphy (vln), Jerry Raison (tpt), Jack Rorke (pno), Tcmny Draper (drs, vcl) and Wilkie Davison (bass)... the Bag 0 Nails. (17) where pianist Art Thompson leads saxist Solly Reid. bassist Joe Boyd and dninnsr Fhil Cozzi, who is about to leave to take his own band into the Paramount Efance fell, in Tottenham Court Road. Pianist-vocalist Ronnie Hill teams up with faisle impersonator Bille Houston. Art Gregory and his Band leave London's Paramount Dance Hall to sutmer at the new Central farade Marina in Great Yarmouth and are replaced by an outfit led by drumer Hril Cm-i. Jose Norman puts a five-piece band led by trombonist-vocalist Miff Smith into the Bristol Grill.
Jack Bayne's tenor ballad singer Ralph Silvester opens solo in variety accompanied by his old pianist colleague in the band, Norman Vbrren. Benny Lee, showman drunaer with the Jolly Robustos Fat Eknd. takes his own sextet into Oddenino's. Multi-instrunentalist Chappie D'Amato replaces Bill Gerhardi at