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Dance Band Diaries Volume 10 1939 0013

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Dance Band Diarv/Kav 1939 Contd- _ 12 •
Easter, instead of Whitsun. A bomb explodes in SelmerIs. musical instrument shop m Charing Cross Road, thought to have been planted by the IRA. Pianist-vocalist Ronnie Odell, who has been with Maurice Winnick for 2Vi years and doing sessions, joins Henry Hal 1...along with trombonist Harry Roche, product of a little band in Southsea, who becomes a top side-man and sessioneer in due course. Hold Tight becomes a hit, featured by several artists, and is suddenly banned in the States, because the lines about sea iood have a double meaning in Harlem and are not fit for public consumption. Pianist Teddy Wilson and his new band are likely to have only a short stay at the Famous Door and fans reckon he should have stayed with Benny Goodman. Joe Kaye, who goes with four of his musicians to a resident job at the Restaurant des Ambassadeurs in Paris., is the last British bandleader to be allowed to take a band to France before restrictions on work permits are imposed. (Presumably his band will be completed with French musicians). Eeli Snwande. coloured organist leader with Adelaide Hall’s floor show at the Old Florida, records for Pecca with Gerrv Moore (pno) and Al Craig (drs). Andre de Vekey and Danny Perri form a iazz guitar duo and are working on writing duets for the instrument. London taxi drivers form a band, put on their own show, called Cabbvret. at Collins Music Hall, and get a broadcast in Roundabout, led by actor-musician Al Gray. Everton footballers
dance the new Blackbird Hop to Jne Loss and his Band at the Astoria Dance Hall. Hat ----------------
Gone!la buys a racing greyhound and his singer Stella Moya helps him to decide on christening it Great Relief. Story Behind The Record features Joe Sullivan's Little Rock
Getaway on Parlophone R2QQ6 (6) and the Mound City Blue Blowers’ What Do__________I Care on
Brunswick 0257 (20). Runners And Starters features tenor-saxist Ken Briggs (6), singer Pat Nolan (13), guitarist Ray Webb (20) and pianist Peter Knight (27). The great iazz slump continues as the Paradise dispenses with the Heralds of Swing, who refuse to economise and now face oblivion within a few weeks, a tragedy for the country’s first-ever co-operative swing band. Alto-saxist leader Sid Millward recruits brothers Jimmy Macaffer (tpt) ana Pon Macaffer (tmb) for his Nitwits at the Cafe Anglais. Belgian semi-pro dance-band champions, Gene Dershin and his Band, may compete in the ÌLK’s All Britain Championship at Blackpool on June 25. Artie Shaw cracks up, but is slowly recovering from a grave illness, while his band goes on with Geòrgie Auld taking most of his choruses on tenor sax...when the band played at the enormous Los Angeles Paloraar Ballroom a few days ago, there was an attendance of over 3500, the biggest crowd ever for a dance-band attraction in America. Success of the revitalised London Casino defeats West End jitters, but coming events regarding the law of alcoholic supply and consumption cast their ominous shadows. A new play-at-sight instrument, the Tonette. which has caused a furore in the States, is now sweeping Britain, with all the leading bands using it.
Pianist Bob Zurke leaves Bob Crosby to form his own band, aided by Fud Livingston, and has fixed a recording contract with RCA’s Bluebird. American jazz writer and drummer Ted Toll starts contributing a weekly column to the ML from Chicago. ”Do stars make a band?” asks Rophone, reviewing the All Star Band’s Blue Lou (A)and The Blues (B)on HMV B8896. which features Charlie Spivak (A), Harry James (B) with Bunny Berigan and Sonny Dunham (tpt), Jack Teagarden, Tommy Dorsey (tmb), Benny Goodman (clt), Hymie Schertzer (alto), Arthur Rollini. Eddie Miller (tnr), Bob .Zurke (pno), Carmen Maestren (gtr), Bob Haggart (bass) and Ray Bauduc (drs), recorded in New York on 11-12 January 1939. Ike Levine, lead-alto with Bill Griffiths at Manchester's Ritz Ballroom, dies of a blood clot due to a motor accident some years ago. Bud Freeman’s Band slays the fans at New York’s Kelly’s Stables, playing opposite Pete Brown’s Band. Bentall’s store at Kingston, Surrey, installs a resident band in its restaurant, led by accordionist Jack Mitchell. Comedy drummer Jack Powell, due to go into a new revue in Britain, packs his bags and flies to Hollywnnd for a 41-second appearance in a new Bing Crosby film, for which he has a one-month contract at £200 a week! Duke Ellington, interviewed by the ML on his way through London, after his tour of the Continent, says: "Sure I'm commercial”. London accordionists stage a huge contest at Caxton Hall. Pat Hyde broadcasts with Jack Payne. Anita Riddell, who gave up her singing career with Henry Hall to keep house for her brothers when her mother died, loses one of them, Robert, when an RAF plane crashes in Norfolk. Dan Donnvan does 10 days of concerts and radio dates in Holland. Rhyme-writing gig bandleader Will de Barr is attacked with a knife after a dance in the East End of London. Singer Mary Lee joins a new show called Rhythm Swings Along, produced by Ambrose Octet saxophonist Teddv White and Kenneth Rive, but for one week she will be on loan to Jack Jackson to appear with his band at Peterborough. The last post sounds for the co-op Heralds of Swing as the band disintegrates and drummer George Fierstone rejoins Sid Millward at the Cafe Anglais, displacing Alan Kane. Club Rovale Orchestra, featured on Radio Normandy and sounding like an American band, says Detector, proves to be a British