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Dance Band Diaries Volume 1 1926 0008

Dance Band Diaries Volume 1 1926 0008

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Dance Band Diary / April 1926 6.
A1 Davison, leader of the 5-piece Claribel Band at., the Critsrion, is booked for the surnner season with a 12-piece outfit at the Onchan Head Pavilion at Douglas, Isle of Man. Norman Chad, pianist-leader at the Elmdale House Salon de Danse, Clifton, Bristol, offers £100 to anyone who can prove that his musicians do not actually perform on a total of 15 different instruments. Three musical sisters are a big feature of Gwen Rogers and her Ranany Players, who have just finished a season at the Royal
Opera House, Covent Garden, and gone to Sherry1 s at Brighton. They are pianist-
leader, Gwen Rogers, drummer Agnes Rogers and violinist Edna Rogers. Trumpet player Max Goldberg joins the second band formed by Kel Keech for the Criterion Restaurant. r Lady Be Good opens at the Empire Theatre in London on April 14 with Buddy Lee succeed'd ing the original star in America, Cliff Edwards, affectionately known as" Ukelele A Ike". A new 12-piece band called The Trocamuses, led by Dick Crean, opens in the
Grill Roan of the Trocadero Restaurant. Pianist Billy Mayer 1 goes out on tour with
a 15-minute variety act. The first transmission of a cinema band on radio features Jay Whidden and his Midnight Follies Orchestra from the Prince of Wales Playhouse at Lewisham in South London. Trumpet stalwart Arthur Wilson sets up a correspondence school for trumpet tuition, offering eight lessons for £2 12s 6d. Banjoist C.B.Ibbett, of Cheltenham, who belongs to a 12-piece amateur band of college boys, all under the age of 19, directed by Ronald Prain, writes to the Melody Maker asking if it might be the youngest dance-band in the country. Sheffield choir trainer. Dr. Henry Coward, octet leader J. H. Squire and orchestra leader W. de Groot, who have waged an unrelen-ting boycott on jazz, make what the NM describes as "a contemptible attack on syncopated bands", which is contested by Eric Coates, Jack Hylton, Bert Ralton, etc. Melody Maker predicts that very soon dance band contests will beccme a regular event in the musical calender. It states that the first in Britain took place at Cardiff City Hall on April 16, judged by Jack Hylton. But this assertion is subsequently challenged by two bandleaders, as will be seen in the month of May 1926. Six boys ( and two girls tie for the Colorado Marathon Charleston Championship after dancing ®for five hours 30 minutes without stopping. Colorado Senator W.N.Vaile asks America's Q. Congress to restrict the entry of French musicians to the USA. Saxist Ross Gorman, ^who can play about 12 instruments, ranging frcm bagpipes to oboe, and was with Paul Whiteman's Orchestra when it played in Britain in 1923, has become leader of his own band in New York's Monte Carlo . Melody Maker circulation reaches 6,000 and Foreign News is included for the first time, with stories from Denver, Paris, New York, Berlin and Chicago, in a 52 page issue, price 6d. MM's monthly arranging contest tune for April is There111 Cone A Sanetime. Hawkes publicise their XXth Century alto sax, with drawn sockets, rolled edges, sandblast triple silver plate with gold bell, a velvet lined case and accessories all for £30. The Sunday Referee starts advertising in the MM and is being sold for 2d a copy! Second Hand Bargains include saxophones from £15 to £20 and trumpets from £6 to £9. Popular songs include I Never See Maggie Alone, Barcelona, That's Georgia, You Forgot To Remember, Speak, and Moon-light And Roses.
MAY 1926
Debroy Somers resigns the leadership of the Savoy Orpheans to form his own band, launch a school for modem arranging of syncopated music and act as musical adviser to music publisher Lawrence_Wright. He is succeeded as leader of the Savoy Orpheans, who have just finished a big tour of Scotland, by Cyril Ramon Newton, who cones frcm the Savoy Havana Band. Reginald Batten, violinist and deputy leader of the Savoy Orpheans, is appointed leader of the Savoy Havana Band. Bandleader John Birmingham is booked for a 20-week summer season in On With The Show at Blackpool's North PierT where the averag§1ai'tendance on a fine day is 40,000. Bonelli, leader of the Piccadilly CDance Band, at the Piccadilly Dance Salon in Manchester, claims to have been the originator of dance-band contests in Britain, with one which he staged at the Piccadilly in September 1925, featuring 50 bands frcm the Midlands. Lawrence G. Wilms, leader of The Hawaiian Star Serenaders, points out that his band won a dance-band contest at the New Palais de Dance in Bristol on 29 March 1926. Both these claims arrived after the MM said in April 1926 that the first dance band contest was at Cardiff on 16 April 1926. Violinist Leon Van Straten opens (April 9) at the Ambassadors Club with a band which includes his two brothers, Joe, (alto) and Alfred, (tenor) plus Joe Branley-White (banjo), Wilbur Blinco (piano), Richard MacDonald (tranbone). and Max Bacon (drums). Kel Keech, whose band is playing at the Criterion Restaurant Ballrocm is also contracted to supply the relief outfit, The Criterion Dance Band, replacing A1 Davison's Band, and comprising Max Goldberg (trumpet-leader), Lawrence Payne (alto). Kenneth Goldberg (tenor), Eddie Gordon (violin), Dave Kaye (piano) and Joe Daniels (drums). Verry's Restaurant introduces dance music with Nat Levin and his Orchestra, which includes banjoist W.Bill Herbert, who becomes a stalwart of the Billy Cotton