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from being gut music, lightness is the order of the day and the music is pretty albeit noticeably hot. Jimmie Noone would have been well pleased.
Delightful — pleasing — the music certainly is, and ideal for marginal listening, but — apart from some brief moments of Ray Burke’s tenor sax — lacking the qualities which grab the attention; there appears to be no underlying message. The album would make a very good starter in the conversion of a girl-friend to the harder-hitting pleasures of jazz of an earlier more brutal era.
Land of Jazz Records originate in New Orleans and are available in England exclusively through the Diskery, Birmingam.
John R.T. Davies
I Found A New Baby; Of All The Wrongs You’ve Done To Me; Mandy, Make Up Your Mind; Papa De-Da-Da; I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Katef/Cake Walkin’ Babies From Home; Are They Pickin' On Your Baby; Everybody Loves My Baby; Vm A Little Blackbird; High Society
Kenneth KS 2042
Eva Taylor’s ‘come back’ which began with a diffident ‘I’ll try’ to cur invitation to sing for us on her first visit here in 1967, continues apace, and this latest album from Kenneth provides yet more evidence of the magic she weaves wherever she goes.
Recorded live during her tour last year, the material here is largely familiar (the exception being a lovely re-creation of the poignant Are They Pickin’ On Your Baby) with backing from one of the finest groups playing in Sweden today, a group which boasts some impressive solo talent, but which is quite prepared to subordinate itself to the needs of the moment. The recording is clean, if a little unbalanced at times, with audience intrusion cut to a minimum.
Eva’s voice has deepened with the years, and I would agree with the sleeve note writer that she is a better jazz singer now than in the ’20s — but that is incidental, for Eva is, and always has been, an artist and whatever she does is stamped with her personal touch. You really have to see her in action to truly appreciate her art and no
recording, however faithful, will do her full justice, for her performances are as much visual as they are vocal. For those who have been fortunate to see her, this LP will bring the memories to life, and the cover photo captures her more nearly than any other I’ve seen. With the possible exception of our own Audubon issue (for which, understandably, I have a special affection) this is the best LP to date, and is recommended, especially to all of Eva’s ‘Boy Friends’.
Laurie Wright
‘MY BLUE HEAVEN’ all-time hits by Walter Donaldson, songwriter supreme, played by THE HALCYON DANCE ORCHESTRA
My Blue Heaven; Makin’ Whoopee; Carolina In The Morning; You're Driving Me Crazy; At Sundown; Love Me Or Leave Me//Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby; Reaching For Someone; My Buddy; When My Ship Comes In; Angry; Sleepyhead; What Can I Say (After I Say I m Sorry ?)
Halcyon SHAL.10 (stereo)
Was there ever such a period for superb songs and song writers as the ’twenties through the ’thirties? Great songs, great composers and lyricists'. The Gershwins, Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hart, Harry Warren, Jerome Kern, Richard Whiting, Irving Berlin, Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, to mention but a few. And most of these have had albums devoted to them. But until the appearance of this LP, one of the best of them, Walter Donaldson (1893-1947), has been neglected and almost forgotten, but his songs have lived on and on. Who can forget Love Me Or Leave Me (sensitively sung here by Pam Heagren, and featuring a fine piano solo from Bruce Boardman), Angry, At Sundown, or the happy Yes, Sir, That's My Baby? They, and many others, are all here.
This album by The Halcyon Dance Orchestra (alias Steve Lane’s Famous Southern Stompers) is the result of over three years of careful planning, with the band playing the numbers as part of their normal repertoire, but altering them and refining them until they had what they wanted, and each was ready for recording. Why the name deception? Quite simply, the band was aware of a built-in reluctance
on the part of a large section of the puolic (understandable) to give a ‘Trad’ band a fair hearing, and wished this to be judged on the merits of the material and performance. Make no mistake, there is no compromise here, for this is fine jazz and I’ve never heard Steve play better, while his vocals, though very “British”, are very good. High praise too, for Ted Wood, Rusty Taylor and Pam Heagren, who share the vocal duties. Musicianship is of the high level demanded by Lane and, although I don’t like singling out one individual, I must say I would like to hear more of pianist Bruce Boardman.
This gang are not interested in empty fame, and they never compromise and play empty music, so once again The Famous Southern Stampers have produced a musical and swinging jazz LP which is, at the same time, a beautiful tribute to a man who wrote so many great songs. My thanks to Steve.
Derrick Stewart-Baxter
LUCKY MILLINDER'S ORCHESTRA with Sister Rosetta Tharpe, 1941-1945
Trouble In Mind; Ride, Red, Ride!; Rock Daniel; Shout, Sister, Shout!; Apollo Jump; That's All!; I Want A Tall Skinny Papa//Savoy; Mason Flyer; Little John Special; Shipyard Social Function; Hurry, Hurry!; Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well!; All The Time
MCA Records 510-065 (French issue)
There has recently been a long overdue upsurge in interest in the blues-soaked jazz idioms to which the black dancers of the forties turned while the jazz intellectuals were reviving the past or probing beyond the frontiers. The gutty, hot, swinging music heard on this album has fitted few theories and has often been unheard in consequence. It could hardly be further removed from what has been called ‘modern jazz’ since just about this time. Its vigour owes much to the forceful rhythm sections powered throughout by Panama Francis.
Of special interest are the five tracks featuring Rosetta Tharpe. (Why not the sixth too?) They amply confirm her high standing. This Trouble In Mind is a masterpiece. Shout and That's All! are semi-secularized gospel songs very close to burlesque. Sister’s guitar
King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band The greatest hot band of all time. All the famous Gennett, Paramount and Claxtonola items (including all available alternate takes), with the transcription quality for which VJM are famous. VLP.49 (Mono) U.K. price £3.25
The New Delta Jazzmen “Lonesome Road”
First recording by new and exciting Midlands band with a repertoire extending from Jellv-Roll Morton to Jimmy Guiffre. Titles:
Riverboat Shuffle'You Rascal You/Creole Love Call/Steamboat Stomp/Fascination/Sweet Substitutc/Gotta Dance/One For The Money/ Save It Pretty Mama/Ole Miss/Cute/Thc Lone some Road/The Pearls/King Porter Stomp
SLC.28 (Stereo) U.K. price £2.75
The Zenith Hot Stompers “You’re Driving Me Crazy”
Another collection by this popular Birmingham band.
Baby Brown/Georgia Swing/You’re Driving Me Crazy/Ostrich Walk/Perdido Street Blues/The Chant/Let The Light From The Lighthouse Shine On Me/Kansas City Stomps/Down By The Riverside/Kink lets/Too Busy/Shoe Shiners' Drag/Brown Sugar/Sugar Foot Stomp
SLC.29 (Stereo) U.K. price £2.75
From your local record shop or sent by post (Postage charge 40p for any size order) from: VJM Records, 12 Slough Lane, Kingsbury, London NW9 8QL Trade Distribution: VJM Records, Jazz Services Unlimited and E.M.I. Import Sales.
Send 6‘/2p stamp or International Reply Coupon for complete lists of VJM, HEP, Halcyon, Blues Beacon, Fountain, Retrieval, Arcadia and NoLa issues.