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Storyville 049 0002

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JAZZ RECORDS 1897-1942 by Brian Rust
The standard reference work on the subject, 1968 pages in two volumes.
Inland: £12.00 Overseas £13.00 (936.00)
by J. Godrich & R.M.W. Dixon A companion volume to the above and supreme in its field, 912 pages.
Inland: £5.50 Overseas: £6.00 (916.00)
Paramount 12/13000 series by Max E. Vreede
The finest label listing published to date with nearly 100 illustrations.
Buckram: £4.50 (§513.75)
Luxury Leather: £7.00 (320.00) (limited supply)
WHO’S WHO OF JAZZ (Storyville to Swing Street) by John Chilton
Copiously illustrated biographical tome covering the lives and careers of over 1000 jazzmen born before 1920.
Inland or Overseas: £4.75 (313.75)
Columbia 13/14000-D Series by Dan Mahony (revised edition)
Detailed study of the ‘race’ series.
Inland or Overseas: 88p (92.20)
BRITISH DANCE BANDS A discography (1912-1939) by Brian Rust & Edward S. Walker
A long-awaited companion volume to our other main reference works, and like them destined to become the standard Inland: £5.50 Overseas £6.00 (316.00)
Please note that we are unable to supply books other than those listed.
Only the following back issues of the magazine in original or reprint form are currently available, all priced at 18p (45 cents) a copy.
1,2,7,9 and 13 to 23 inclusive.
All from 28 to date.
Storyville Mail Order Service
We normally stock all jazz issues on the Ace of Hearts, Parlophone and VJM labels
Note: All prices include postage & packing
No. 49 October-November 1973
Printed and published bi-monthly by Storyville Publications and Co.,
1, Cecil Court, London Road,
Enfield, Middlesex.
Editorial Office (to which all communications should be addressed): 66, Fairview Drive, Chigwell, Essex.
Tel: 101) 500 6098
Editor: Laurie Wright Research: John R.T. Davies Assisted by the Storyville Team:
John Chilton, Chris Ellis, Dave Gladen,
Ron Jewson, Doug Murray, Roy Rhodes,
Brian Rust, Malcolm Shaw, Derek Hamilton-Smith, Dick Sudhalter and Ray Webb
Subscription rates for ONE year (6 issues) post paid United Kingdom: £1.05
Overseas: £1.10 ($3.00)
Airmail: £2.10 (¡j55.50)
Johnny Dodds Discographically 4
Leon Abbey 7
Californians in Australia 9
Sam Wooding’s Parlophons 13
Magee String Band 14
There’ll be some changes made 16
Take a note from Pythagoras 17
Old man with a horn 19
Bunk Johnson in England? 22
Louis Armstrong in Scandinavia
- 1933 23
Guide to Junkshoppers:
Scala-Ideal - concluded; Siemens;
Silvertone; Simcha; Solex;
Sterno - part 1 28
Reviews 31
I believe I’ll make a change 40
Well here we are at our new address, which you will see alongside and, thanks to “a little help from my friends” the move went very smoothly with, as far as is known at this moment, no casualties.
The Enfield address which appears alongside is purely the registered office of the company and should be completely disregarded from a functional point-of-view, since all correspondence and matters related thereto will be handled from the Chigwell address, where you will be welcome to come and visit us as before. We are still on the London Underground system — our new station being Grange Hill on the Central Line, and we are then only about four to five minutes walk away. There is normally someone here, but a telephone call in advance would be appreciated, and might just save you a wasted journey!
It will of course, be a little time before we get fully settled in here and, inevitably, there will be some items of correspondence which have been overlooked or gone astray. If you’ve an outstanding order (other than for back issues which are still to be reprinted
— see the check list opposite for those now available) or are awaiting a reply to a query which has not been dealt with, will you please drop another line giving details. We have been informed by the Post Office that most postal rates are to go up on September 10th (still a few days away as this is written). It is a little early to say how adversely this will affect us and whether an increase in subscription rates etc. will be required to cover this, or whether we can absorb this yet again (new subscriptions continue to come in at an encouraging rate which helps to hold prices steady) but one thing is certain, we shall now be quite unable to answer queries unless a stamped self-addressed envelope (in the case of inland readers) or an International Reply Coupon (for overseas readers) is included.
One other effect of our move which should be mentioned is that having given up our shop premises we shall have to close a number of accounts and will therefore no longer be able to supply certain record