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do to get the exact month was to look up the appropriate page in the 1929 Spanish Parlophon catalogue (see illustration), for there the company boldly proclaims “recorded during his stay in Barcelona (July 1929)”. This type of information is very rare coming from a record company itself, but Parlophon(e) was always a discograph-ically rewarding label, the German and Scandinavian catalogues and supplements, at least, giving not only details of composers and photos of the orchestras and artists, but even matrix numbers and details of takes! But to return to the Spanish catalogue, it is dated August 1929, and it is remarkable that it could include records made as late as July. I would therefore suggest that while there can be no doubt about July being the month of recording, the ten titles would in all probability have been made early that month. Of course all this could be cleared up if we had a complete itinerary of Sam Wooding’s Spanish tour and knew whether he played in Barcelona during the whole or only part of July. As always, the Spanish translation of the American titles offers a little amusement — My Pal Called Sal becoming Mi Nouia Salomel
B 252% Manola (Ernesie Liberali). One-slep. Orquesta Edith Lorand.
Napolilana (Lehár). Vals de la zarzuela «El
hijo del Zar». Orquesta Merton. Azul 25 cm.
B 25443 Manola (Ernestc Liberali). One-slep. Orquesta Editli Lorand.
Estudiantina (Emil Waldleufel). Vals. Orquesta Ediih Lorand. Azul 25cm.
B 25252 Vals de las flores (Fuss Tschaikowsky), según la suile de «Casse-noiseiie». Fox-lrot.
Orquesta Julián Fuss.
Somcwhere a voice is ealling (Ariuro Jale). Alguien llama, vals lento. Orquesta Julián Fuss. Azul 25 cm.
Sam Wooding y sus Chocolate Kiddies
Impresionados durante su estancia en Barcelona (Julio 1929)
B 25420 Tiger Rflg (ligre fox). (L. Schields y D. la Rocca). Fox.
Carrie (Carolina). (Sam Wooding). Fox. Azul 25 cm.
B 25421 Sweet Black Blues (Jacinto-Blues). (Jacinto Blake.) Blues.
Mi pal called Sal (Mi novia Salome). (Sam
Wooding.) Fox-lrot. Azul 25 cm.
B 25422 Ready for the river (A orillas del río). (Kahn y Morel.) Blues.
Mammy’s prayer (La oración de la madre).
(Sam Wooding.) Fox. Azul '-5 cm.
B 25423 1 can’t give you anything hut love (Soy lodo amor). (Me. Hugh y Fields.) Fox-troi.
Krazy kat(El gato loco). (Sain Wooding.) Fox. Azui25cm.
B 25424 Bull foot stomp (El paso tie) buey). (Sam Wooding.) Fox-troi.
Indian love (Amor indio). (Sam Wooding.) Fox.. A7ul 25 cm-
Magee String Band
by Graham Russell
Back in Storyville 37 in There'll Be Some Changes Made.... there was a reference to the Magee String Band and the participation of Alcide “Slow Drag” Pavageau. I spoke with him in January 1959 and again in February 1961. The composite conversation was as follows:
1959 Q. How did you get started in music?
A. I made me a bass of my own with twine for the strings — put “rosin” on the twine and that made the strings.
Q. Who did you work with at first?
A. Esau McGhee — McGhee’s band. We
would get out on the street and play.... with the kitty on the sidewalk.
1961 Q. Did you ever make a home recording or anything like that before you worked with Bunk?
A. (chuckling) We made mustard and onions.
Q. What was that again?
A. Like I tell you. We put mustard and onions on a record and Mr. Johnson (inaudible) did ’em over and over (chuckle).
Frankly it did not occur to me at this
Right: Alcide “Slow Drag” Pavageau in London 1959. Photo by T. Cryer courtesy of Graham Russell