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Northern Society For Jazz Study Vol.3 No.17 0011

Northern Society For Jazz Study Vol.3 No.17 0011

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Further to the announc«aont on page 2, our-old friend NORMAN SilTH haa sent us along five more scripts, for-which wo are very grateful. They areRACE MUSIC (Blues, Blues Singers and Boogie Woogio); THE DIXXELANBERS (a survey of the Boh Crosbyitcs): and A TALE OF !IHREE CITIES - New Orleans, Chicago and'

Now fork (three recitals in one). As seen, they cover k wide field and all can be strongly recommended. We appeal to more, to f ollow MORMAN* s excellent lead, and send in still more scripts. Lists have now been despatohed to all members in H.M.Forces, seme having already taken advantage of the scheme.


FRANK J. KING informs us that DURHAM CITY RHY1EM CLUB is now meeting regularly again, every Xu 6 S at 7'B>0 p.m. FRANK* s a busy drummer-band loader these days, besides being our D.o. for -those parts. At present he* s undergoing an operation, and wo*re sure all members join us in wishing him a speedy rocovory. Thoso interested in the real jazz in and around tho YORK area, are advised to get in touch with ALAN REEVE, founder of the R.C. thoro. Due to call-ups that*s no longer functioning, but ALAN holds regular Study Group get togethers which should warm the heart cf all students near enough to go along. Write him for further-details at 32, Hawthorne Torrace, New Earswick, York. Excuse me too if I mention tho activities of my own club, BRADFORD. Recently we successfully gave FREDERICK RAMSEY* s dialogue "CHICAGO DOCUMENTARY" several of tho club taking part In it. Another popular item, is an adoption of the BBC*s feature,-"Double Or Quits" — a la jazz...WR Yorks, jazz enthusiasts always welcome to Laycook* s Cafo, Kirkgatc,. Bradford, every Sunday 7 p*m., A special fourth anniversary meeting will bo held on tho 25th March whon VERNON M. .THORNES (NSJS) will prosent "Jazz Religion", snd RONNY BOYLE of Wakefield will also give a recital. .

Finally, It* s good to see RADIO RHYTHM CLUB Is coming back undor T2IAS. CHILTON but at tho unfavourable time of 5 p.m. Bxis is an impossible timo for most enthusiasts, can*^ the BBC be considerate for once.


Great Nows about -

// NEW

As briefly announced in our Editorial, news of importance to every British Jazz Collector and S-fcudent is that we in NSJS are affiliated to the NATIONAL FOUNDATION INC., of NEW ORLEANS (USA) by membership. The foundation* s policy of throwing opening the concern and movement to collectors and Sooieties/ciubs, universally, is a step everyone will applaude whole-heartedly. It will be remembered in our original write-up in Issue 15, this step w^s advocated by NSJS. The Foundation is enthusiastically going ahead in every direction and is alive to iho international responsibility concerned«.

Those who read the plans otfc lined by us, will be pleased to know they are already in process of being carried out. On every point proposed by NJF, NSJS has offered its help on behalf of British Students, as the appeal directed at all other publishers and groups in this country, HAS NOT EVEN BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED BY MORE THAN ONE* (Therein must lie the dead body of co-operation desired in this country...)

J-hc membership card of NJF will be the key to everything the homo of jazz can offer. We are arranging for a regular bulletin cf the Foundation* s activities and progress, for publication in this ’* organ»' . to keep members Informed.

Vie are proposing that a special brochure be produced about tho foundation, together with historical notes on jazz for universal solo to raise funds. We are sure, every student worthy of the name, will support us in this idea, as a positive means cf contributing, and placing on record the part that each individual played in this historic effort.

We have received suggestions that we open a fund hero in Britain, but would ask members not to make donations to us, or send money for brochures until something more definite is made known. Meanwhile, here are further details of activities carriod out by the Foundation for your interest. ' *

...New 0riGans paid its first recognition to JAZZ whon in January a short ceremony was held to change the name of Saratoga Street. back uo the original - BASIN STREET,

airwave, vibrated feat evening to jazz, it had never o«.