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Northern Society For Jazz Study Vol.3 No.17 0009

Northern Society For Jazz Study Vol.3 No.17 0009

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and mass, meaning» of protest wore hold in every-Northern State and every European country.

The ; Supreme C ourt ordered a third trial which opened on November 20th 1933. Again RUBY BATES* evidence wont for naught, and on December 1st, PATTERSON and NORRIS wore sontencod to death. The fate of the other seven'was left in -the air. Even greater efforts resulted on bohalf of the victims. A play was written round them, "They Shall Not Die”, by John Woxley, and was produced on Broadway, and later in London. On March 5th, 1934 the appeals wore filed with the ALABAMA Supremo Court. They were hoard on May 25th. The death sontencos. wore confirmed, and tho executions fixed for August 31.

It seemed that the end had' come at.last. From his cell,one of the lads, ANDY WRIGHT dictated this potter...»

"Wo Scottsboro* boys is writing this to you. We have been sentenced to death for something we ain* t never done. Us poor boys has been sentenced to be burnt up on -tho electric chair for the reason that we is workers, and that tho colour of our skins is black. None of us is older than twenty. Two of us is fourteen and one is thirteen year old.

At tho trial they gave us in Scottsboro*, we could hear the crowd yelling - * lynch the niggers*. Wo-could see them tooting their guns. Call that a fair -rial?" Holp us, wo ain*t done iothing wrong, wo arc only workers like you, only our .akin, is black"y

The boys had been given food so rotten that they could not eat it. Thoy had been made to sloop on tho concrete floor, and visitors were allowed to poor through the bars at them as though they were animals.

The case had by now taken on a political complexion. The execution was again deferred, and on April 1st 1935, the Supremo Court reversed tho conviction on the two boys.

On November 13th, the Scottsboro* Grand Jury returned a new indictment for rape against all nine lads0 So the long and weary proceedings dragged on.

It was not until 1937 that four of the boys wore found *not guilty* and released.

In June 1938, NORRIS was condemned to death for the fourth time. The other four wero sentenced to terms of imprisonment, ranging between 15 years and life Later, NORRIS* doath sontonco was commuted to life imprisonment, and to tho best of my knowledge, those five lads are still serving those sentences - FOR A CRIME THAT WAS NEVER COMMITTED.

Can we dare to stand aside and ignore Race Prejudice ?




... LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI plans to direct tho production of WILL. GRANT STILL*s new opera entitled -."Troubled Island” - to doal with tho revolt of the negro slaves on Haiti................................

The ESQUIRE Jazz Book 1945, edited by Paul Edward MILLER — deals primarily with NEW ORLEANS. Miller is assisted by RICH. M. JONES in the task. It sells for a dollar a copy from Barnes & Co. Now

York City, and numbers 90 pages .................................

«• oMardi Gras week In ol* N*YAWLINS this year looks like being the real *McCoy* . The one and only WINGY M. will lead a specially organised band at the st. Charles theatre including - EDDIE MILLER, NAPPY LAM ARE, MATTY MALNOCK and poss. FAZOLA... '

••.Outstanding Latin-American ccmposor HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS extols jazz "the great musical inheritago, the truly wonderful, vital music of the U.S." — as he puts it. "it is the hatural, spontaneous, music that is intellectually directed" he said, and decried the cultural snobbishness of the 1-hairs.

•..Latest sciontic investigation sponsored by LAGUARDIA. says marijuana (the wood) and does not harm

Is not habit—forming the system.......e..



...Reports extracted from LES.MILLER.(LAC.RAF) letters (B.L.A.) o..nI wont along to the 21 Club in BrUssols and heard a grand 14-piece outfit led by pianist IVAN DE BIE. Only the RAF Squadronairs could stand a fight against ito Americans around said it was the best band thoy*d heard sinco leaving tho States. Brass is terrific. Pianist leader played some fine stuff such as "Honky T0n!fc Train Blues1’ Barrelhouse B00gio" and improvised B00gioe Rhythm section drives, saxes, weakest part.. They were all specially picked for -tho job, and hail from all over Belgium Will try and get the full line-up...

*ine RAF groups out hero are one including Jack Rogers (piano) Ernie Stevens (Bass) late KEN JOHNSON, Percy Alcock drummer, tpt. gtr. said tenor were late of JACK HARRIS & FOX* s bands. Also tho RAF Stremeliners a 14-picoo outfit of which two are ex-Canadian pros.

One is BILLY CARTER, who plays fino horn. A small sextette * iams* also, and KEN KERSHAW ox-CLAES alto sat in when I heard them. This band aired from the "21 Ciub Brussels" via A.E.F. the other day".....

* * continental jazz listener HEDLEY FAULKINDER says try 245m

an Italian station which broadcasts good jazz disos Tuesday - 10.15 to 11 p ja. seems to be a regular time. Also a French foroes trans-on 25&a., fay Sat8< (1B)