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Jazz Services
Welcome to the third Jazz
Services Newsletter

Wendy Cole, Digby Fairweather, David Nathan and Humphrey Lyttelton (seated)

Continuing the look behind the scenes at Jazz Services, a registered charity campaigning for jazz in the UK, funded by Arts
Council England.
Jazz Services, formed over 20 years ago, encourages the
growth and development of jazz within the UK. A unique
organisation - offering free, essential services in information,
education, touring, communications, marketing and publishing Jazz Services provides a widely-valued voice for jazz in the UK.

National Jazz Archive
Resident archivist,
David Nathan,
explains more about
the National Jazz
The National Jazz Archive is
based at Loughton Library in
Essex and is the brainchild of
trumpeter, writer and broadcaster
Digby Fairweather who, having
visited the National Sound
Archive in the late 1980s, thought
it would be a good idea to have a
similar archive devoted
exclusively to books and
magazines on jazz.
The British Library had no
room for such an archive, so
Digby, who had worked at
Southend Library for 12 years,
approached his old boss Frank
Easton, who was by now Deputy
County Librarian for Essex, and
he kindly found a spare office at
Loughton Library which, with the
help of Chris Hodgkins, the then

newly appointed boss of Jazz
Services, opened in November
In August 1993 the flourishing
archive was relaunched in its
current, much more spacious
room at Loughton Library where
Essex County Council Libraries
has continued to provide
excellent support. The archive’s
stock includes some 2,500 books
and 25,000 magazines
representing around 250 titles,
including complete runs of
Melody Maker, 1926-1981; Jazz
Journal, 1948-present;
Crescendo, 1962-present;
Storyville, 1965-1995; Tune
Times, 1933-1935; Ballroom and
Band, 1934-1935; and Jazz At
Ronnie Scott’s, 1979-present.
There are also many concert
programmes, including the 1918
London Palladium visit of the
Original Dixieland Jazz Band,
photographs and collections of
material from, among others,
Mike Westbrook, the late Chris
Hayes and Charles Fox.
Each year the archive presents

a celebrity interview, and among
those who have taken part are
Kenny Ball, John Barnes and
Campbell Burnap; John Chilton;
John Dankworth; Harry Gold;
Cleo Laine; Don Lusher; George
Melly; Jack Parnell; Tiny
Winters; Tony Crombie, Jack
Fallon and Stan Tracey in a
discussion about bebop; and most
recently, making a welcome
return, Humphrey Lyttelton.
An Open Day, usually held in
June, has guest speakers and
these have included Ian Carr;
Roger Horton; Vic Lewis;
Andrew Simons; George Webb;
Pete King and this year, Jim
The archive is open from 10am
to 1pm on Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday but
visitors can stay on in the main
library area after the archive
closes with designated items until
the library closes at 7pm.
Admission is free but research
fees are charged for projects
involving the archivist in any

The trustees of the archive are:
Wendy Cole (chair), Jazz
Services’ director Chris
Hodgkins, Stan Ball, Campbell
Burnap, Digby Fairweather, Dave
Gelly, Martin Hathaway, Roger
Horton, Jane Hunter-Randall,
Graham Langley and Jen Wilson,
and the patrons are Kenny Ball,
John Dankworth CBE, Dame
Cleo Laine OBE, Michael
Parkinson CBE, John Prescott
MP and George Webb.

You can contact the archive on
020 8502 0181; email:
or visit the website:

This article originally appeared
in JARS, number 157. With
thanks to Jim Godbolt.

On The Road
Bands currently on the road as part of the Winter (January/February/March) Jazz Services’ National Touring Support Scheme are:
Karen Sharpe, Lupa, Andy Panayi, The New Orleans Serenaders, Kate Williams Quartet, The Meier Group, Squash Recipe,
Philip Clouts Trio, Whitehead/Mirabassi Quartet, Sila, Steve Lawson/Theo Travis Duo, Dave Stapleton Quartet, and
Trianglehead. Further details available from Jazz Services Touring on 020 7928 9089.