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Jazz News Volume4 No45 0001

Jazz News Volume4 No45 0001

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Jazz News
VOLUME 4 No. 45
Established 1956
24th December 1960
with that Christmas hang-
over feeling?
May we recommend the
tonic effects of jazz — and,
of course, Jazz News; the
only weekly jazz magazine in
the world.
With our policy of bring-
ing you the best in jazz
reading, we spotlight two
great trumpet players this
week. Max Harrison and
David Sessions have written
cuthorative articles on mod-
ernist Dizzy Gillespie and
Chicagoan Muggsy Spanier.
In this issue, Doug Dobell
■tates his opinions of the
British jazz scene. Our re-
gular contributor Mike But-
cher discusses your choice of
the best jazz tunes.
And then, to keep you in
touch with the world of jazz
during the holiday season, we
present our regular features
— the news, the reviews,
John Merrydown’s Column,
your letters, and so on. . .
and so on!
i This is Muggsy Spanier, 1
B and there's more of j§
E him within. =