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Jazz Music Vol.1 No.8 1943 0009

Jazz Music Vol.1 No.8 1943 0009

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N~w 'URK Cln-JuLY :!1ND, 1940
(0546061 Viclor 26731 , H.M .\'. B 9135Harlem Air Shaft ­(054607) 26719, H.M.V. B 9129
At a Dixie Roadside Diner -
All too Soon

(054608) 27247
Rumpus in Richmond ~

(054609 ) 26788 NEW YORK CITy-JULY 24TH, 1940
(054624) Victor 267 19, H.M .V. B 8129 My Greatest Mistake ­/ (054625) 26731, H.M.V. B 9D5Sepia Panorama -
Herb JeITries (vocals) added -CHICAGO-SEPT. 5TH, 1940 There shall be no night
(053417) Victor 26748
In a Mellotone ­
. (053428) Victor 26788 26748, H.M.V. B 9153
Five o'clock Whistlb (053429) Warm Valley '-(053430) , Reject, CHICAGO-OCT. 1ST, 1940 Ellington and Blanton (piano and bass duets) Pitter Panther Patter (053504) Victor 27221, H.M.V. B '179 (053505) 27406, H.MV. B n il
Bod y and Soul
Sophisticated Lady (053506)

27221, H.M.V. B 9179 Mr. J. B. Blues -(053507)
27406, H.M.V. B 9111 CIfICAGo---OCT. 17TH, 1940 The Flaming Sword _­(053551) Victor 26796 Warm Valley (053430)
. 26796
CHICAGe-Oc r. 2~fH, 1940 Across the Track Blues (053579) Victor 27235, H.M .V. B 917i
Chlo-e (.o53580) 27235, H.M.V. B 9171j 1 never felt this way , (053581) 27247 • Ray Nance (trumpet) replaces .. Cootie ,. Williams
To be concluded 11ext month
(continued from page r)
1938. Again won ASCAP award with .. I let a song go out .of my Heart."
1939. In April .started concert tour of Europe, but could not play in London because of Ministry of Labour ban.
1941. Appellred in musical show .. Jump for Joy," for which he wrote the numbers.
1942. Again at Hollywood, where he was featured in the film .. Cabin in the Sky." Won " Down Beat .. poll as the most popular band in America .
In .. Reveille," a Columbia film.
On January 23rd celebrated the 20th anniversary of his musical car~r by a concert at the famous
Carnegie Hall. Premiere of his tone parallel <)11 the history of the Negro in America-" Black, Brown and Beige." Presented with a plaque which read: .. To Duke Ellington-Tendered in ap­preclatJon of his twenty years of laudable contribution to music on the occasion of his concert given in benefit o'f Russian War Relief at Carnegie Hall, Saturday evening January 23, 1943."
The signatories to the presenta­tion included Leopold Stokow~ld, Eugene Ormandy, Marjorie Law­
rence, -Glenn Miller, Earl Hines, Paul Whiteman, Marian Anderson, and Artie Shaw_
Read the June issue of .. Discography." It featmes a King Cole (and Trio) history, written by Peter Tanner who saw and heard the group in the 'States; an exclusive Art HOOes article from Ralph Venables who has been in direct tooch with Hades during the last few weeks;
also Dodds discography ; Decade of
Jazz ; Spotlight; Swing Show-Case Favourites ; Record Reviews, etc.-Edited by Cliffortl Jones at 110b, High Road, Willesden; London, N.W.IO ; the subscription rates are 2/ -for 3 months, 4/ -for 6 months.
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