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Jazz Music Vol.1 No.6 1943 0001

Jazz Music Vol.1 No.6 1943 0001

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OF HOT 6 / -43
EDITORS: Albert MeCarthy " M.x Jon.s.
ISSUED ' FROM J.S.S. 140 Neasden Lane, Neasden, N.W.IO

. \

'Phone: GLA 1598.

WITH THIS ISSUE, members who have cards marked 1/4/43 or Issue 6 will have to renew their subscription. Please send uncross­ed P.O. tor 1/9d. made payable to either of the Erutors. By the way, membus who have joined recently and had their cards marked 1/4/43 have been puzzled. The explana­tion is that in the past period sub­scriptions have commenced with
issue No. 4' (the January issue, out a month late). We shall catch up on this nwnth shortly, and even matters up. tncidentally, bulletin number 4 is now out of print. New members' subscriptions will com­mence with issue 7, but they can obtain bulletins 5 and 6 for an additional 1/2d. or the reprint of issues 1-3 -and Nos. 5 and 6 for an additional 2/8d.
We have had many requests for die reprinting of issues 1-3 in the present format, and are glad to report that they are now ready in one single booklet, a,nd can be ob­tained from us for 1/6d. Please
page In Memoriam -Joe "King" O~M 2 S~rre.lism and Jan by Ken Hawke5 3 Public:ations Rec:eived 5 Collec;tors' Notes by Albert
J . Mc:Carthy 6 An Anatomy of Teagarden
by Charles Wilford .. , 9
A Male' Music: by Bill Kinnell 11
Still More Clarific:ation by
Jefl Aldam 12
"Jan Music:'s" For!lign Choic:e
by Charles Fox .. . 13
Some Origins of Jazz by
George Duflield & Johnny
Vyse 14
"Jazz Music:'s" Monthly Re­c:ommendation 16

make payment by uncrossed P.D.
The pamphlet on Colour Preju­dice in the U.S.A. is steadily grow­ing, and is likely to be 35-40,000 words in length. We shall give details in due course, ll11d hope to have it ready about June. Mean­while, thanks to those readers who have reserved copies.
We intend to continue our pre­
sent policy of printing at least one
article a month on some other art
form1 or aspect of negro life;, and