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Jazz Music Vol.1 No.6 1943 0004

Jazz Music Vol.1 No.6 1943 0004

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THE MENTION IN our third issue of the sides by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings under the pseudonym of the Homochord Dance Orchestra, has induced Mr. Vic Schuler of Chelt­enham to write us giving details of a further side. The title is c:;hicago Blues (129323) on Homochord 670, and Mr. Schuler says that he can definitely identify Paul Mares. There is also some good piano and alto, and a second trumpet and liax team have ' been added. The reverse Oh! Eve (65873) is by a ditIerent group, and
is of 1\0 interest.
Mr. Schuler would like any infor­mation on Tiger Rag (II556)/Rivu Boat Blues (II555) by the Midnight Stompers on EeIlson Bell 4874, and That Red Head Gal (489) by the Comeo Dance Orchestra backed by Papa Blue (481) by the Dixie Daisies on Cameo 348. He also mentions the fact that he has a copy of the 1936 edition of "Hot Discography" which he is willing to swop for records. If any reader ill interested, Mr. Schuler can be contacted c/ o "Jazz Music."
Stanley F. Dance of Braintree, Essex gives particulars of six sides by Ocar Aleman and his Quintet of Swing on Argentine Odeon. The sides are:
Marechiare/Sweet Georgia Brown,
Arg. Odeon 45780 Oscarinadas/ De Humor ("In the Mood") Arg. Odeon 45787
Rezeze/Man of Mine
. Arg. Odeon 45800
He also comments on the fact that four of the siaes made by Rex Stewan in Paris in 1938 have been issued on
H.R.S. In passing, he says that Finesse (issued on H.M.V.) was the least attractive. The H .R.S. sides are :
Low Cotton/ Montmartre,
H.R.S. lo03
Finesse/ I know that you know,
H.R.S. 1004 The unissued side is Solid Old Man.
Finally, Mr. Dance mentions that Freddy Johnson made Blue Room / Frenchie's Blues with his orchestra, which was issued in France on Swing
66. To this, I can add three further sides Big Wig in the Wigwam/Jam with Bacon on Swing 75, and Hi­Diddle-Diddle as yet unissued.
Charles Fox of Bournemouth refers to a paragraph in an article in the now defunct "Jazz Information", ill which the famous old-time New Orfeans clarinet player George Baquet reponed thllt he had acwmpanied Bessie Smith on two title_Whoa Tillie, Talle Your Time/My Sweetie Went Away. Mr. Fox points out correctly that these sides can be found on page 28 of "Hot Discography", and were issued on Am. Columbia 13000 . . Delaunay says thtt the accompaniment is by piano and clarinet, and it seems cenain that the latter is Baquet. •
Mention of the fact that Esther Bigou may hide the identity of Bessie Smith, has prompted Brian Rust of Edgware' to list several discs by this artist. They are:
Stingaree Blues/If that's what "OU want Okeh 8025 St. Louis Blues/Memphis Blues
Okeh 8026 NertJous Blues Okeh 8029
Also, Okeh 80S8 is Beale Screet Bluesnoe Turner Blues by Sara Mar­tin accompanied by Esther Bikou on piano. It seems unlikely that Bessie would play piano for any sessions/and this would seem to preclude her. Of course, it may be possible that the name Esther Bigou covers the identity of more than one anist. •
While on the subject ~ gessie, thanks to Owen H. Bryce for pointing out that the correct ma~ of her I used to be your sweet mama is 14.(iS'28, not 145623 as incorrectly printed in our founh issue. Also, the American collector Ken Hulsizer suggests in a recent '''Down Beat" that the Cleo
, Gibson Nothing but Blue (40Z3u)/ I've got Ford Movements (4023II) on Okeh 8700 is a Ma Rainey item. This
leems • eminently possible. (Whoever Cleo Gibaon may be, I am quite sure that it is not Bessie Smith.
Returninl to the Homochord Dance Orchestra, Mr. Philip N. Taylor of London, S .W .7, reports that he has Old F/JIhion.c. Love (120623)/Oh! You little son uv-er-gun (121373)
coupled on Homochord H.536. Pre­sumably, the Dumber H.736 as given in our thir~ issue in incorrect. Mr. Taylor also tells us that Oh! how I love my darling (139903) was also put out on Scala 731, as by the Pavilion Orchestra. The backing is So Tired (18943) but I am unable to say if this is by the same group.
Mr. John H. Palmer of Kingsbury, N.W.9, sends us the final Blue Note list, which contains three records not generally kno~ to collectors over here. 'l'hey are:
Careless Love Blues/ Milll Cow Blues by the Joshua White Trio, Sid­ney Bechet, (clarinet), Wilson Myers (bass), J omua White (guitar & vocal), on Blue Note 23.
Risin, Tide Blues/Tell Your Story, No. 2 by Meade Lux Lewis on Blue Note 22.
Suitcase Blues/Bass Goin' Crazy by Albert Ammons.
The fonner title by Ammons is the number made famous by blues pianist Hersal Tholl1lls, and it should be inter­esting to compare it with his version.
Claude A. Lipscombe recently sup­plied me with some details of the Bunk Johnson session. With a group con­sisting of Waiter Decou, (piano) Emest Rogers (drums); Austin Young (bass); Lawrence Marraro (banjo); George Lewis (clarinet); Bunk John­son (cornet) and Jim Robinson (trom­bone), the following sides were made:
Down by the River/Panama,
. Jazzmen 8 Weary Blues/MooslI March, Jazzmen 9
StQryville Blues/Bunk's Blues,
Jazzmen 10
Bunk also made three talking sides, and with hisi'Original Superior Band" he <:\It Yes, Lord, I'm Crippled.
All these sides were recorded by p~vc Stuart on a portable recording

apparatus in a New Orleans garage in June, 1942. Bunk was unable to make the session until Stuart purchased on his behalf a new pair of dentures!
Mr. D . C. Saunders of Beaconsfield, Bucks things that readers would like to see details of regular Jazz program­mes from America, and obliges by sending in a list of the programmes detailed below.
Station-WBOS Wave-lengrh approx.-25.06 m. Time-7.30 to 8 p.m. Day--Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Programme-" Fashions in Jazz". Station-WGEO. Wave-Ientlh approx.-19.57 m. Time-3 .30 to 3.45 p.m. Day--Saturday. Programme-"G . I. Jive" . Station-WGEO. Wave-length approx.-1,9.57 m. Time-3.45 to 4.0 p.m. Day--Saturday. Programme-" ]azz in America". Station-WGEO. Wave-length approx.-19.57 m. Time-3.15 to 3.30 p.m. Day--Sunday. . Programme-"Command Performance" Time-3.45 to 4.0 p.m .. Progfamme-"G . I. Jive".
WBOS 19.56 metres and WDO

20.7 metres also relay WGEO pro­. grammes.
Finally, I am experimenting in this issue by taking an artist in "Hot Dis­cography" and bringing a list of his or her records up to date. I shall be pleased to have the reactions of readers to this, and if It is popular will make. it a regular feature. .Our first mist is:-
Add to "Hit Discopraphy":

Frank Froeba (piano); Sammy Weiss (drums); }Jaig Stephens (bass); Dave Barbour (guitar); Tony Zimmer (tenor); Ralph Muzzillo, Johnny Mc­Gee (trumpets); Al Philburn (trom­bone); Lil Armstrong (vocals). (New York-February, 1938).
Let's get happy together (63236)
Brunswick 202597
Happy to-day and sad to-horrow
(63237) Brunswick 02597