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Jazz Forum No.1 June 1946 0015

Jazz Forum No.1 June 1946 0015

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(gtr.). Oliver, Nelson and Carrol Dickerson were in the studio, and he says that they might have played on one side.

Edna session—Oliver, Allen, Nelson (tpts.); Archey (tbne.); Paque; Hilton Jefferson (alto); Walter Wheeler (tenor); same rhythm.

Struggle Buggy session—Oliver; Nelson; Archey; Paque; Bobby Holmes; Jefferson; Charles Frazier (tenor); Eric Franker (piano); Gerald Hobson (dms.); Clint Walker (tuba); Arthur Taylor (gtr.).

Finally, Paque said that the personnel as published for the Dave Nelson session in Jazz Information was correct except that Jack “Paducah” Bradley was present on alto. If U.S. collectors would tackle Fred Moore and other musicians who played with Oliver, there might yet be time to have a complete discography of his records.

In Jazz Record for December, 1945, there is an interesting account of Little Brother Montgomery’s life. He mentioned a number of records which had previously eluded the attention of collectors, among them, several with Irene Scruggs. Two of the titles I have noted on Paramount—Good Grinding/Must Get Mine In Front (Paramount 13023), and it is to be presumed that others with this singer were issued on Paramount. He also mentions Jam Jam Blues with Minnie Hicks, and I find that this title was issued on Meletone 12549 backed by Sweet Rider Blues, presumably also with Little Brother. I cannot trace Joe McCoy’s I’m All Right Now and That's All For You on which Little Brother claims to have played piano, and would welcome hearing from any collector having the issue number.

With the current interest in Scott Joplin most collectors would be interested in recordings of Maple Leaf Rag. Lt. Arthur Kinnear tells me that Teddy Weatherford recorded this in France during 1937, but that it was rejected. The exact details are Maple Leaf Rag (OLA 1879) recorded Paris—June 23rd, 1937. I recently obtained the Weatherford Swing solos, and on the whole they are disappointing. Perhaps the best is My Blue Heaven, which has some fine strong right hand phrases, but is very uneven. Unlike the sides he made in India before his death, one is able to discern that Weatherford was once a great pianist from these Swing sides, but good parts are followed by banal passages in a bewildering manner.

I have always considered that Shirley Clay was a very fine trumpeter, and had not received his due share of attention from collectors. Recently, the Victor Record Co. mentioned that there were two unissued sides from the early Hines recordings. As both Clay and George Mitchell were in the band, their issue would be very welcome. Titles are Trying (57324) and Times Ain’t What They Used To Be (57323) both recorded on October 25th, 1929.

Armstrong collectors had better get busy again. The German Brunswick release of Tiger Rag (1479) made in Paris in 1934 is a different master from that on French Brunswick, while the backing of St. Louis Blues with master number 1478 is also different from the French Brunswick issue which had master number 1483. Add to the above Symphonie Rapps (400992) and Savoyagers Stomp (400993) both by Carrol Dickerson’s orchestra, which feature Armstrong, and were only issued on Argentine Odeon. These titles were made directly after the Knee Drops side on July 5th, 1928.

If anyone is interested, Mel Powell recorded four solos in France for the ABC label. Titles were Homage To Fats Waller/Homage To Debussy on ABC 140, and Don't Blame Me/For Miss Black on ABC 141. With Ray McKinley arid Peanuts Hucko (clarinet) he formed a trio to record Sugar/After You’ve Gone on ABC 130 and China Boy/Shoemakers Apron on ABC 131.

Now, a few requests. I am compiling cata-ogues of the various race series, and would welcome details of the following numbers. I hope that someone will have details of these:

Brunswick 7011-16 and 7171-3.

QRS. 7010, 7017-8, 7020-3.

Vocalion 1202, 1205-6, 1212, 1217, 1221, 1517, 1589 and many between 1000-1200.

I am also trying to sort out the Mills Blue Rhythm Band sides and would appreciate the master numbers of Co. 3083, 3134, 3147, 3148, 3157 and Variety 546, 604 and 624. Finally, would collectors having sides by Clara Smith send me master numbers and details of accompaniments ? It should be possible within a short time to compile a reasonably accurate discography of her records if all collectors co-operate.

Finally, here is a discography of the blues singer and pianist Speckled Red (Rufus Perryman). I believe it to be complete, but any collector knowing of other sides featuring this artist might please send details to me. For much of the information below, credit must go to Gene Williams and the Victor Record Company.

Speckled Red (piano and vocals). Memphis— September 22nd, 1929.

Ml83 Shake Your Can Rejected.

Ml84 House Dance Blues Br.7137. .

Memphis—September 23rd, 1929.

M187 The Dirty Dozen Br.7116, 80020. M188 Wilkins Street Stomp Br.7116, 80021.

With Jim Jackson, Tampa Red and Georgia Tom. Memphis—September 24th, 1929. M204-5 Jim Jackson’s Jamboree—Pt. I. Voc.


M206 Jim Jackson’s Jamboree—Pt. II. —

Speckled Red (piano and vocals). Chicago— April 8th, 1930.

C5584 The Dirty Dozen, No. 2. Br.7151, 80020 C5585 We Got To Get That Thing

Fixed Br.7200.

C5588 Speckled Red Blues Br.7164.

C5589 The Dirty Dozen, No. 3 Rejected

C5590 The Right String Br.7151.

C5591 Lonesome Mind Blues Br.7164.

Speckled Red Trio.

Speckled Red (piano and vocs.) acc. unknown guitar and mandolin. Chicago—December

17th, 1938.

BS.030838 Welfare Blue 8069
BS.030839 Down On The Levee 8113
BS.030840 Doin’ The Georgia 7985
BS.030841 Early In The Morning 8069
BS.030842 Take It Easy 8036
BS.030843 Take Me One More Time 8012
BS.030844 Louise Baltimore Blues 8012
BS.030845 What Makes You Treat Me
Mean 8113
BS.030846 St. Louis Stomp 7985
BS.030847 You Got To Fix It 8036

Discography of the late FRANK M. TESCHEMACHER compiled by Ralph Venables.


Muggsy Spanier and Dick Fiege (cnts.) ; Frank Teschemacher (clt.) ; Ralph Rudder and Charles Pierce (saxes) ; Danny Lipscomb (pno.) ; Staurt Branch (bjo) ; Johnny Mueller (bass) ; Paul Kettler (dms.). October, 1927 :

Bull Frog Blues (20399) Para. 12619, UHCA 1—2

China Boy (20400) — —

Same personnel, minus Fiege and plus Jack Reid (tmb.). November 8th, 1927.

Nobody’s Sweetheart (20534) Para. 12616, By. 1174, Co. 35950


Muggsy Spanier (cnt.); Frank Teschemacher (clt.); Milt Mesirow (ten.); Joe Sullivan (pno.); Eddie Condon (bjo.); Jim Lannigan (bass.); George Wettling (dms.); Red McKenzie (vcl.). November, 1927 :

Friar’s Point Shuffle (20563) Para. 12654, UHCA 3—4

Darktown Strutters' Ball (20564) — —


Jimmy McPartland (cnt.); Frank Teschemacher (clt.); Bud Freeman (ten); Joe Sullivan (pno); Eddie Condon (bjo); Jim Lannigan (bass); Gene Krupa (dms). December 9th, 1927 :

Sugar (82030) OK 41011, UHCA 9-10, Co.35951, PaE.R-2379

China Boy (82031) — — —- PaE.R-1033

Same personnel, with Milt Mesirow replacing Bud Freeman. December 16th, 1927 : Nobody's Sweetheart (82082) OK 40971, UHCA 11-12, Co. 35952, PaE.R-643

Liza (82083) — — — PaE.R-2379


Probably Muggsy Spanier (cnt); Frank Teschemacher (clt); Milt Mesirow (ten); Joe Sullivan (pno) ; Eddie Condon (bjo); Gene Krupa (dms). March 27th, 1928 :

Jazz-Me Blues (1808) , Rejected.

Jazz-Me Blues (1809) Rejected.

Singin’ the Blues (1810) Rejected.

Singin’ the Blues (1811) Rejected.


Muggsy Spanier (cnt); Frank Teschemacher (clt); Milt Mesirow (ten); Joe Sullivan (pno); Eddie Condon (bio); Jim Lannigan (bass); Gene Krupa (dms); Red McKenzie (vcl). April 8, 1928 There’ll Be Some Changes Made (1885) Br.4001 & 80063, UHCA7-8, BrE.01739 & 03413

I’ve Found a New Baby (1886) — — — — —


Frank Teschemacher (clt); Rod Cless (alto); Milt Mesirow (ten); Joe Sullivan (pno); Eddie

Condon (bjo); Gene Krupa (dms); April 28th, 1'928 :

Singin’ the Blues (1905) Rejected

Jazz-Me Blues (1906) UHCA 61—62


Probably same personnel as Chicago Rhythm Kings. May 2nd, 1928 :

Baby Won’t You Please Come Home ? (1907) Vocal by Eddie Condon. Br. 80064

Baby Won’t You Please Come Home (1908) Vocal by Elinor Charier. Rejected

Friar’s Point Shuffle (1909) Rejected


Leo McConville (tpt); Miff Mole (tmb); Frank Teschemacher (clt); Joe Sullivan (pno); Eddie

Condon (bjo); Gene Krupa (dms). July 6th, 1928 :

One Step to Heaven (400849) HRS 15, Co. 35953

Shim-me-sha-wabble (400850) OK 41445, Ha.1427, Co. 35953, PaE.R-2506

I’ve Found a New Baby was made at this session but was not processed.


Frank Teschemacher (clt and alto); Joe Sullivan (pno); Eddie Condon (bjo and vcl); Gene Krupa dms);. July 28th, 1928.

Oh, Baby (400899) PaE. R-2932

Indiana (401035) PaAust. A-2667, PaE. R-2932


Featuring Muggsy Spanier (cnt); Geroge Brunis (tmb); Frank Teschemacher (clt); and others. August, 1929 :

Farewell Blues (148930) Co. 2029, OK 41580

Wabash Blues (148931) OK 41579

Lady Luck (148932) Co. 1999, CoE.5738

Through (148933) Co. 1957

(The last two titles are included for documentary completeness rather than for the presence of Tesch, who is virtually inaudible).


Wingie Mannone (typ and vcl) ; Frank Teschemacher (clt); George Snurpus (ten); Art Hodes (pno); Ray Biondi (gtr); Augie Schellange (dms). 1929 :

Isn't There a Little Love ? Vo. 15707, HRS 13

Tryiri to Stop My Cryin’ HRS 3, Br. 80064.*

* This is a second master.


Dick Fiege (cnt); Jack Reid (tmb); Frank Teschemacher (clt); Floyd Town (ten); Elmer Schoebel (pno); Charlie Barger (gtr); .Johnnie Kuhn (bass); George Wettling (dms); January, 1930 : Prince of Wails Br. 4652, UHCA 17—18, Br.E. 03309