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Discography November 1942 0005

Discography November 1942 0005

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“MUGGIN LIGHT” (No.2) Eric Preston, ... being miscellaneous facts relative to the study of Jazz

CLEO BROWN is one of the many Jazz artistes that are overlooked in our studies. Her pianoforte style is as definite and forceful as her vocalising is breathless and inconsequential. This negress was born in Meridan, Missouri, in 1909. Her father, like Waller’s, was religions, being the pastor of the Pilgrim Baptist Church, where her mother acted as mistress to the choir in which young CUo sang. Like Waller—again—she ran away from the church, only io be recaptured by the strong parental arm. Ambitions were

realised when the family moved to Chicago, where she went into vaudeville. Hear early possibilities of style, ha\ mg festered with

a rumba band, were fostered by Tex Guinan, who put her.on the right path by offering her a contract as a result of hearing her "River, stay way from my door." Since her first broadcast in 1935, she has been on American radio a great deal. Her record*

«•ml life were de.U with, by James A a man in the Forces program «.n .'hh.Vr S*.h. fro,». 2.30 3.0 r.rn

JAZ/? NEWS, the 'Offiziclles Organ des Hot Club Zurich,’ if you see what I mean, often features the writings of one of the members. David King. H'.s efforts are naievelv outspoken, and in one of Ins articles 1 note, a reference to the old M.M. David, writing of Beclmt. savs, "Listen to 'Pops’ on one of those newer discs and then teh me if he’s on his way out. An old man? Old Hell! Maybe the Melody Maker does think he’s about ninety. Maybe Downbeat still hangs on to the idea that he's Methusalah’s elder brother. S<> what! Even if he were he could still play the nuts off 'Smarlie Shaw and the rest of the 'Sunday-School Swing Clarinetists’ ". I will not comment, although I have my own personal opinions of Fechet, whose winnying style is, to me, sickening. Reading in another contemporary periodical that Bechet once made, by intricate ‘Play-Backs,’ a one man band record, using most of the norm. I Jazz instruments, dissolved all ideas I ever had of agreeing with his supporters who state that here is a man never stooping to novelty or commercialism.

Happy Hunting.



•■ ■ Gpofif Armstrong and Percy Pring, organisers of the West. London Rhythm Club, have decided to give their members a series of .coord tecital,s. dealing with the backgrormd o' jazz, its NtHv ■ Orleans origin and subsequent development, , • - .

Tbe series is to be called “Course in the appreciation of jazz”,and" will be arranged and presented by Albert McCarthy and Max Jones. It commences on Monday, November 23rd at 8 p.m. and the club meets at the “Brook Green Hotel,” Brook Green Road,


. R. G. Venables informs me that the second edition of “Re-Minting The Pennies” is now available, price 1/3. Write to Ralph at “The Moors,” Tilford, Farnham, Surrey, and do it now to avoid disappointment.

Published for the (Discographical Society) by Clifford Jones, 110b, High Rd. Wdlesden, London. N.W.10 WIL 1947 Printed by W.R.L. Printers (T.U.), 9, Great Western Road, Paddington, W.9.