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Louis Armstrong National Jazz Federation Paris Special. Satchmo in Paris_0002.jpg

Louis Armstrong National Jazz Federation Paris Special. Satchmo in Paris_0002.jpg

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The National Jazz Federation has much pleasure in announcing special excursions to the LDUIS ARMSTRONG CONCERTS in Paris on the weekends of the 26th November and 3rd December.
All arrangements are being made by well known musical travel agent DENNIS DUBENS, who organised the famous fan trips to the Stan Kenton and Woody Herman Concerts. He was also associated with the National Jazz Federation trips to Paris in June 1954.
So that everyone can arrange to catch early trains on the Saturday and their trains home on Sunday, the following timings have been arranged.
Assemble at Marble Arch, London. Saturday morning, 26th November or 3rd December
7.45 a.m.
Arrive at Paris hotel
1.30 p.m.
Depart frcm Paris hotel, Sunday 27th November or 4th December
5.3O p.m.
Arrive Marble Arch, London
9.3O p.m.
These are local timings and Paris is one hour ahead of our time, i.e. during the flight on Saturday watches are put on one hour and during the flight home on Sunday, put back one hour.
The rate of exchange is 980 francs to £1 (if you think of £1 as 1000 francs, you cannot go wrong). The things to buy which are much cheaper than in this country are wines, spirits and perfume. Do not biy any more than one battle of wine a small bottle of spirit and small bottle of perfume at the most otherwise you might have to pay custems duty.
One small suitcase or bag per person will be carried free and you can take out accident and baggage insurance if required. Proposal forms will be sent to you upon request. The cost is very small i.e. to insure your baggage up to a value of £50 will cost you hj-.
The cost of £10 is all inclusive of :-
(a) Reserved seat in private coach from London to the Airport on Saturday and return on Sunday.
(b) Ministry of Civil Aviation Airport Taxes and French Airport Taxes.
(c) Reserved seat on private "Viking"
Airliner (as used on the Queen's Flight with refreshments served on the outward journey and packed meal on the homeward flight.
(d) Reserved seat on private coach from Le Bourget Airport to hotel in Paris on Saturday and return on Sunday.
(e) Reserved Centre Stalls seat (costing £1.2.6.) for the concert at the Olympia Theatre, which starts at 8.45 p.m. and finishes at midnight.
(f) Accommodation and breakfasts, including all taxes and tips at hotel in Paris.
There is nothing further to pay and the only French money you need to take with you is sufficient to cover your meals (except breakfast) and whatever purchases you wish to make.
To obtain your tickets, itinerary, map and brochure about Paris, please complete the attached application form and send it without delay, to the National Jazz Federation, 7 Carlisle Street, London W.l. or you might be disappointed.
You only need to have with you a valid British Passport and, if you are not already in possession of one, this can be obtained for you at a cost of £1. 5. 0. providing you send a suitably sized registered envelope for its return. Two passport photographs will also be required. Alternatively a passport can be obtained from the Passport Office or through your local Ministry of Labour for the price of £1. 0. 0.
Application Forms will be sent to you if required.